‘Enter The Green Goblin’ (TV)


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The first time I saw this ‘Spider-Man’ episode was on ‘Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown’ DVD back in 2002. It was my introduction to the Green Goblin as a Spider-Man villain and it helped me to know who the villain was before I saw the first ‘Spider-Man’ film with Tobey Maguire on DVD.

In the episode, Norman Osborn gets caught in an explosion at OsCorp Industries. Everyone assumes that he died in the explosion, but Harry is convinced that there’s a chance he might still be alive. This episode emphasises Harry’s darker moments as well as his dependency on his father in the TV series.

Very soon, the Board of Directors at OsCorp get kidnapped by a new villain called the Green Goblin. The people he kidnaps include J. Jonah Jameson, Wilson Fisk and Anastasia Hardy. Spidey does his best to try to rescue these people in connection to OsCorp whilst trying to solve the Goblin mystery.

Peter/Spidey begins to suspect that Harry is responsible for the kidnappings and that he’s actually the Green Goblin. It’s also interesting to note that the Green Goblin came into the series after the Hobgoblin, whereas in the comics, it was the Green Goblin first before the Hobgoblin came along. 😐

Mary Jane becomes concerned about the kidnappings of people and that Harry might be involved, due to her having a relationship with him. She eventually gets kidnapped by the Green Goblin who takes her to an underwater base of operations where OsCorp’s Board of Directors are held prisoners.

The Green Goblin accuses the OsCorp Board of Directors for their ‘crimes’ against Norman Osborn. Spidey soon swings in and rescues the OsCorp Board of Directors as he fights against the Green Goblin. Eventually, once Spidey unmasks him, the evil Green Goblin happens to be…Norman Osborn.

It was fascinating to hear the difference between the Green Goblin and Norman Osborn’s voices in the episode. Norman’s voice sounds normal whereas the Green Goblin is cackling, insane and menacing. Pretty soon, the effect of the Green Goblin’s gas wears off and Norman reverts to normal.

Eventually, Spidey and Norman get rescued by Harry who uses a submarine to get them out. Norman resumes his OsCorp duties whilst sharing the load with Harry. Whilst Mary Jane continues her relationship with Harry, Spidey receives a heartfelt kiss from Felicia Hardy at the end of the episode.

‘Enter The Green Goblin’ rating – 10/10

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