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‘FRAMED’ (Part 1)

This is an exciting two-parter in the 1990s ‘Spider-Man’ animated TV series. The first time I saw this story was on the ‘Daredevil vs. Spider-Man’ DVD, which I purchased in 2005. It was released in 2003 to tie-in with the ‘Daredevil’ movie starring Ben Affleck. I’m happy that I saw this thrilling two-parter.

In ‘Framed’, Peter gets wrongly accused for a crime he didn’t commit. He finds himself framed by Richard Fisk, who is the son of Wilson Fisk a.k.a. the Kingpin. After a rescue by the Chameleon disguised as Spider-Man, Peter Parker soon finds himself in an airless room where he’s about to die.

Thankfully, Peter is rescued by the man without fear called Daredevil. He’s also helped by the blind lawyer called Matt Murdock who becomes Peter’s attorney during his trial. Little does Peter know that Matt Murdock and Daredevil are the same person. This was pretty exciting to watch in the tale.

I like how the episode features the origin story for Daredevil and how Matt Murdock became a blind superhero because of his father getting killed by the Kingpin. It’s something that’s echoed in the 2003 ‘Daredevil’ movie, though I don’t think many kids would’ve watched that at cinemas from this.

From watching this two-parter, I would’ve liked it if there was a movie starring Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Ben Affleck’s Daredevil fighting against Michael Clarke Duncan’s Kingpin to combine both their universes together. I know it’s rumoured Spidey and Daredevil will meet in a movie soon. 😀

Meanwhile, Aunt May becomes ill whilst Peter is considered a criminal runaway. She soon ends up in hospital. Aunt Anna and Mary Jane support Aunt May during this tough time, but Aunt Anna isn’t helpful as she prefers to condemn Peter. Mary Jane is shocked by Aunt Anna’s attitude towards Peter.

Eventually, Peter webslings back to his home to get his Spidey costume in order to do some investigating on his own. He hopes to clear both Peter and Spidey’s name with the data he can find at Fisktronics. But Spidey soon runs into Daredevil who fights him, believing he had kidnapped Peter.

It was tense when Spidey and Daredevil fought each other. Thankfully their fight is interrupted by Fisk’s troops who are about to blow up the Fisktronics building up. Spidey and Daredevil try to stop it, but it’s too late and soon the bomb explodes with the ceiling about to collapse on our two heroes…


In ‘The Man Without Fear’, Spider-Man and Daredevil survive the explosion at Fisktronics. Spidey also gets the data disk to clear Peter Parker’s name. Spider-Man and Daredevil join forces to save Peter, as Daredevil reveals to Spidey that Wilson Fisk is actually the crime boss known as the Kingpin.

This two-parter also features Susan Choi, a Federal agent who’s pretty mean-spirited and corrupt. Police detective Terri Lee find out that Choi is actually working for Richard Fisk who in turn is working for the Kingpin. Why Choi would choose to work for the Fisks is unexplained in the episode.

Peter Parker also learn that Aunt May is in his hospital. He manages to get into the hospital without being seen and is helped by Mary Jane to see Aunt May. Peter reassures Aunt May that everything’s going to be alright and that Matt Murdock has the evidence to clear his name. Aunt May is relieved.

Aunt Anna is pretty mean about Peter lately, which is what she seems to always do in the series. There is a moment when Aunt Anna might be helping Peter with Mary Jane to escape the hospital. But it’s not Aunt Anna and it’s actually the Chameleon in disguise who kidnaps Peter and Mary Jane.

This episode also features Wilson Fisk recounting his origins to Alistair Smythe on how he became the Kingpin of Crime. We actually see Wilson Fisk growing up as a boy before being left abandoned and in prison by his father. He soon had revenge on his father after he became the Kingpin of Crime.

Once Matt Murdock hears from Terri Lee that Susan Choi sold the data disk to clear Peter Parker’s name to Richard Fisk, he’s on the case. He soon joins the fight as Daredevil to battle against Richard Fisk, the Chameleon and Susan Troi with Terri Lee and the police in order to rescue Peter and Mary Jane. 🙂

After Peter and Mary Jane are saved, Peter soon suits up as Spider-Man as he and Daredevil follow the Chameleon back at the Kingpin’s headquarters. It’s there Daredevil battles against Kingpin before Spidey helps out. I wish a Tobey Maguire/Ben Affleck/Michael Clarke Duncan film happened.

Eventually, Peter Parker is cleared of all charges; Richard Fisk, Susan Choi and the Chameleon are imprisoned; and Spider-Man and Daredevil are good friends. Spidey/Peter knows now that Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin. He intends to fight the Kingpin to the bitter end. Overall, a fantastic two-parter! 🙂

‘Framed’/’The Man Without Fear’ rating – 10/10

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