‘Guilty’ (TV)


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Here we are on Season 4 of the 1990s animated ‘Spider-Man’ TV series. The first time I saw ‘Guilty’, the first episode of Season 4, was on ‘Spider-Man: The Return of the Green Goblin’ DVD. It was the last episode presented as part of the main feature on the DVD. It did feel pretty anti-climatic for me.

But then again, it works better as a season opener rather than a season finale. Like Season 3, Season 4 begins with Mary Jane gone missing. Except this time, she’s presumed dead. This is following the events of ‘Turning Point’ where Spidey lost Mary Jane after that final battle with the Green Goblin. 😦

Peter/Spidey is grieving over the loss of Mary Jane. People like Aunt Anna are blaming Peter for Mary Jane gone missing and Harry assumes the Green Goblin kidnapped his father. As the grief overwhelms him, Peter considers giving up his Spidey duties so that he’d be able to live with himself.

But very soon, Spidey once again finds himself having to save the life of a dear friend. Robbie Robertson gets framed for a crime he didn’t commit as someone wants him behind bars. Spidey, who inadvertently caught Robbie and put him behind bars, is not alone as Jameson also investigates.

I liked and found it interesting to see Jameson being a detective for a change instead of being a belligerent newspaper editor at the Daily Bugle. He still hates Spider-Man, but he’s determined to prove Robbie’s innocence as he returns to his own guise of ‘Jigsaw Jameson’ when solving mysteries.

Peter also discovers that the gun Robbie fired wasn’t fired by him. In fact, it’s on automatic. It transpires that the Kingpin saw to it Robbie was put in prison. He also saw to it that Robbie was put on Rooker’s Island prison instead of New York Penitentiary. Two people are waiting for Robbie there.

Those two people happen to be Richard Fisk who was last seen in ‘Framed’/’The Man Without Fear’ and Tombstone in…‘Tombstone’. Thankfully, Spider-Man saves Robbie from Richard Fisk and Tombstone and soon Robbie is cleared of all charges. Jameson helps out at court with evidence too.

‘Guilty’ is a nice season opener to Season 4 of ‘Spider-Man’! I like how Robbie encourages Peter to keep taking pictures of Spider-Man, saying the world still needs him even though his job isn’t easy. This encourages Peter to keep on being Spider-Man. Robbie’s wife and his son Randy are in this too.

‘Guilty’ rating – 7/10

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