‘Hydro-Man’ (TV)


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In this ‘Spider-Man’ episode, Mary Jane gets haunted by her former boyfriend Morris Bench who has become Hydro-Man. It was intriguing to see Hydro-Man as a villain for this episode instead of Sandman and it was equally intriguing that Morrie Bench was once Mary Jane’s boyfriend in the series

At this time, the animated TV series couldn’t get the rights to do Sandman as he was being used for a potential ‘Spider-Man’ movie by James Cameron which never got made. Hydro-Man has been in the ‘Spider-Man’ comics. I don’t know a lot about him except that he can convert his body into water. 😀

Hydro-Man has appeared in some form in the movie ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ but only as an elemental force created by Mysterio. I don’t recall Mary Jane being Morrie Bench’s girlfriend at one time in the comics, although that could’ve been something created for the animated TV series here.

Mary Jane receives a phone call from Morrie Bench who tries to persuade her to come back to him. But Mary Jane wants nothing to do with Morrie Bench anymore. Getting angry, Morrie demonstrates his water powers before he’s rudely interrupted by Spider-Man who tries to stop him.

I like that this episode takes a focus on Peter/Spidey’s concerns for Mary Jane and the relationship he has with her. Even though it doesn’t match exactly to the comics, it’s nice Peter/Spidey does his best to save Mary Jane’s life when Hydro-Man keeps follows her as she keeps trying to resist Morrie.

It’s also amazing that this episode happens to have the smallest cast in any animated ‘Spider-Man’ TV episode. There are four characters in this including Peter/Spidey, Mary Jane, Hydro-Man and Liz Allen. In fact, I think this episode features Liz Allen’s debut appearance in the ‘Spider-Man’ TV series.

Pretty soon, Mary Jane sees for herself that Morrie Bench/Hydro-Man has been responsible for many robberies lately. It was also interesting to see how Morrie Bench got his Hydro-Man powers by falling into the sea whilst being a sailor. Mary Jane also gets to beat Hydro-Man instead of Spidey. 😀

Mary Jane cuts off Morrie Bench’s supply of water by taking him far away from the oceans. Spidey also used an adhesive webbing to weaken Morrie Bench in the episode. I like how the episode ended with Peter and Mary Jane having a fun at a fair and sharing a kiss when they sheltered from the rain.

‘Hydro-Man’ rating – 9/10

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