‘Law of the Jungle’ (TV)


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In this third episode of the new ‘Spider-Man’ animated series, we’re introduced to Dr. Curt Connors who becomes the Lizard. Curt Connors is voiced by Rob Zombie, who is well-known as a rock star. I don’t know much about Rob Zombie as a musician, but I heard he directed 2007’s ‘Halloween’ movie.

This version of Curt Connors in the new animated ‘Spider-Man’ series is odd. Unlike the 1990s animated ‘Spider-Man’ series, the Sam Raimi movies and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ film where Curt Connors was friendly, this one’s a little menacing. He also has dark thoughts of revenge over Oscorp.

Peter Parker helps Dr. Connors at ESU by studying reptilian DNA for its regenerative powers. Very soon, Connors injects himself with a serum before he transforms into the deadly Lizard. Soon, the Lizard goes out for revenge to attack Harry Osborn at Oscorp in New York. Will Spidey rescue Harry?

Interesting point to note is that once Connors becomes fully-formed as the Lizard, he’s very animalistic and doesn’t talk like in the 1990s animated series and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ film. This may be the only time the Lizard appears in this universe as he ends up dead by the tale’s climax.

This episode is the first one to feature J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle when Peter gives him photos of the Lizard. Jameson is voiced by Keith Carradine. Now, Jameson is decently voiced by Keith Carradine but it doesn’t match to J.K. Simmons’ interpretation of Jameson as well as Edward Asner’s.

Which makes me wonder, why wasn’t Edward Asner the voice of Jameson in this new animated series of ‘Spider-Man’? I mean, he’s in this as another character – Officer Barr of the New York police force. I would’ve been happy to have Ed Asner voice Jameson for this TV series than Keith Carradine.

There’s also the issue of Harry Osborn still grieving over his father’s death as it’s been one year since he died. Harry blames Spider-Man for murdering his father (presumably as depicted in the first ‘Spider-Man’ movie). Peter and MJ assist Harry in sorting out his father’s personal effects at Oscorp.

The episode concludes with Peter receiving a kiss from MJ. This is where the inconsistency of Peter and MJ’s relationship comes into play again – are they or are they not a couple? They’re clearly not by the time we come to the next episode. I wish some more thought was put into their relationship.

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 1 of ‘Spider-Man: The New Animated Series’, there’s a DVD audio commentary with executive producer/writer Morgan Gendel; writer Tracey Forbes; writer Todd Felderstein and writer Rick Suvalle. There’s also an ‘Amazing Spider-Facts’ info-text commentary option to enjoy.

‘Law of the Jungle’ rating – 8/10

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