‘Make a Wish’/’Attack of the Octobot’ (TV)


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‘MAKE A WISH’ (Part 1)

Here we are on the first two-parter of Season 3 of ‘Spider-Man’. This was also the first ‘Spider-Man’ story I saw from this series before I saw the first ‘Spider-Man’ movie on DVD for Christmas 2002. I saw ‘Make a Wish’/’Attack of the Octobot’ on ‘Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown’ DVD. 😀

In the first episode ‘Make a Wish’, Spidey fights Doc Ock when he attacks a medical building at a Hardy Foundation complex. But in the process, he causes the medical labs inside to explode. Everyone blames Spider-Man for the disaster, including Anastasia Hardy and J. Jonah Jameson here.

Peter Parker considers giving up his webslinging duties to avoid messing things up further. But then he gets caught by Madame Webb who was introduced at the end of ‘Doctor Strange’. She wants to train Peter/Spidey for a special mission she has in mind for her, something he’s reluctant to take on.

Eventually, Spidey meets a little girl called Maria Taina Elizando – Taina to her friends. Taina wants to meet Spider-Man and he’s there up on the ceiling of her bedroom one evening. Taina is overjoyed to see Spidey as she gets to learn from him how he got his powers and how he became a superhero.

It’s interesting how this episode features Spidey’s origin story in the middle of the series as opposed to at the beginning. When I saw this two-part story on ‘Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown’ DVD, it was a handy guide to learn how Peter Parker became Spider-Man with his spider-like powers.

We’re shown how Peter got bitten by a radioactive spider; got to climb walls like spider; eventually ended up being a wrestler; before letting a criminal go that ultimately killed his Uncle Ben. It was fascinating to see that origins story told for this episode by Spider-Man to Taina, his biggest fan ever.

Eventually, Spidey allows Taina to come with him on a trip to websling around the city of New York. They soon run into trouble when Doc Ock comes to attack Spider-Man in the process. And he’s not alone. Doc Ock has constructed a new robot pet of his whom he’s given the name as the Octobot. 😮

Spidey attempts to weaken Doc Ock’s mind control over the Octobot by hurling insults at him, to make him lose concentration. Unfortunately, Doc Ock gases Spider-Man and soon has him in his clutches. Taina watches in horror nearby as she sees Spider-Man about to be taken away by Doc Ock…


In ‘Attack of the Octobot’, Spidey get his memory wiped by Doc Ock. He soon serves Doc Ock along with his robot servant – the Octobot. It must’ve been tense for viewers to see their favourite superhero turned bad. Although, Spidey struggles to remember who he is, even with the mask off. 😐

Taina does everything she can to save Spider-Man and stop him being turned into a criminal by Doc Ock. She tries to get the police to help, but they don’t believe her. She soon has help from a cabbie called Mousie who eventually gets most of the cabs in New York to look out for Spidey and Doc Ock.

It was tense when Taina tried to get through to Spider-Man to help him remember who he is and stop him being a criminal. Spidey clearly wants to remember who he is but finds he keep getting headaches. Doc Ock gets frustrated once Spidey does not do his job to help him perform crime acts.

Taina and Mousie try to get help from J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle about Spidey’s activities with Doc Ock. But Jameson uses this to ruin Spider-Man further. Aunt May meanwhile becomes concerned for Peter’s whereabouts. Mary Jane’s Aunt Anna doesn’t want her to see Peter anymore.

Eventually, when Spidey becomes curious about why Taina keeps following him, he slowly starts to remember who he is. Through the headaches, he comes out of his amnesia and remembers who he is. He soon fights off Doc Ock, only to be saved by Taina who uses the Octobot against the criminal. 🙂

Spidey soon takes Taina home. Taina asks to see who Spider-Man is underneath that mask. After being reluctant to do so, Spidey soon reveals himself as Peter Parker to Taina. Taina is pleased to see who Spidey really is and promises to keep his secret for the rest of her life. Spidey thanks Tiana for it.

After leaving Taina, Spidey gets summoned by Madame Webb to remind him that he’ll soon face his greatest challenge yet. Whatever that challenge, we’ll have to wait and find out until Season 5. It’s also interesting to point out Taina lived at the Wish Come True Foundation for Terminally Ill Children

I enjoyed ‘Make a Wish’/’Attack of the Octobot’. It’s a good two-parter in the 1990s ‘Spider-Man’ series and is a worthy introduction to Spider-Man as a superhero character from the ‘Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villains Showdown’ DVD. It really helped me as I watched the first ‘Spider-Man’ movie.

‘Make a Wish’/’Attack of the Octobot’ rating – 10/10

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