‘Partners’ (TV)


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The first time I saw this ‘Spider-Man’ episode was on the ‘Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock’ DVD. It was last episode to be presented in that collection – even though Doc Ock isn’t in it. But Black Cat’s in this following ‘The Cat’/’The Black Cat’ two-parter. Though the Black Cat didn’t appear in ‘Spider-Man 2’.

I mean, she did appear in the ‘Spider-Man 2’ video game, but does that count? Anyway, Black Cat tries to be her own hero when Spidey doesn’t want to work with her. She’s soon captured by Alistair Smythe who is now working for Silvermane. And that’s Silvermane as a baby. Yeah! That’s it! A baby!

This is following on from the ‘Tablet of Time’/’Ravages of Time’ two-parter from Season 2. Alicia Silvermane appears in this episode, looking after her father as a baby. Seeing Silvermane as an evil talking baby was really funny to watch and listen to as sometimes you can’t take it seriously in the story.

Silvermane needs neogenic material to restore him back to adulthood. But Smythe has deduced that he’ll need the neogenic material from two of Spider-Man’s villains – the Vulture and the Scorpion. Smythe threatens Spidey to get either Scorpion or Vulture or the Black Cat will be killed in the end. 😐

It was interesting to see Spidey take on this task in order to see the Black Cat again. It’s quite a contrast to ‘The Return of Kraven’ when he wanted nothing to do with Black Cat. But lately, Spidey has become fond of the Black Cat and he wants her to be his partner after this immediate crisis is over. 🙂

And of course, this episode features the return of the Scorpion and the Vulture from ‘Shriek of the Vulture’/’The Final Nightmare’. Scorpion keeps Vulture a prisoner whilst they stay at a flat. Scorpion also seems to be living with his girlfriend Sarah who’s introduced her. How long has this gone on for?

The Vulture seems to have been rid of the Man-Spider disease, though he has trouble shifting from being young to old to young again in the episode. When Spidey has help from Dr. Connors to advertise a neogenics opportunity, Scorpion takes the bait and soon comes out into the open in this.

Unfortunately, Spidey is double-crossed when he brings the Scorpion to Smythe and Silvermane. Thankfully, the Vulture flies in and ruins things which end up making Silvermane old again. Spidey and Black Cat escape with their lives and become partners whilst the Scorpion remains the same. 😀

‘Partners’ rating – 9/10

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