‘Rocket Racer’ (TV)


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I first saw ‘Rocker Racer’ on ‘Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown’ DVD. It was a nice little episode focusing on a young man who overcomes his insecurities about survival within New York City. It’s also intriguing how Peter Parker/Spider-Man connects to this young man on a certain level.

In the episode, Spider-Man pursues a gang of rocket-powered thieves who steal money and jewellery in New York. Robert Farrell, who was once a troublemaker, gets involved when he’s mistaken for stealing some cash. He decides to become a criminal and he becomes the Rocket Racer!

Robert Farrell/Rocket Racer has been in the ‘Spider-Man’ comics, though I’ve not actually read them myself yet. I like how Robert uses science and technology to build his rocket-power skateboard and suit. Albeit, he does use it to attempt doing crime and he stole the tech from the villains who built it.

It was interesting to see the relationship Robert had with his mother. Robert’s mother runs a grocery store and forbids her son to become a criminal as she says it would destroy her. Once she sees Robert in the Rocket Racer suit, she’s pretty shocked. Thankfully, the two make up at the tale’s end.

It was nice to Spider-Man and Rocket Racer working together to defeat the Big Wheel crooks trying to pursue them. Beforehand, Spidey tries to chase after Rocket Racer and capture him. Once he finds out who Rocket Racer is, he helps him to overcome the insecurities he has with the usage of science.

Felicia Hardy makes an appearance in this ‘Spider-Man’ episode. At the end of the previous episode and at the beginning of this one, Felicia professed her love to Spidey with a kiss. But when Peter meets up with Felicia in a science class and asks her out on a date, she’s not interested. A big shame!

It’s interesting to note that Peter and Felicia run science classes for youngsters like Robert. I don’t know when that started and how long it’s been going on for. It’s only featured in this episode. There’s also the introduction of Jason Philips, who becomes Felicia Hardy’s new love interest in this.

‘Rocket Racer’ is an enjoyable episode in the 1990s animated ‘Spider-Man’ series. I enjoyed Robert Farrell’s story and how he changes from wanting to be a criminal to being ‘a scientist at heart’ with the Rocket Racer suit he makes. It’s also nice how Peter/Spidey connects to Robert Farrell in the tale.

‘Rocket Racer’ rating – 8/10

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