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This ‘Spider-Man’ story has our webslinger fight against Baron Von Rantenraven, who is a German pilot commanding the Sky Harbor. I’m certain the Sky Harbor is similar to the sky base that belonged to the Skymaster from ‘Criminal in the Clouds’. In fact, are Rantenraven and Skymaster related here?

I know the Baron is wearing a sort-of Nazi uniform (and wouldn’t it make sense if he was a Nazi if it was actually stated in the story?), but Rantenraven happens to have green skin similar to Skymaster compared to the white skinned Germans aboard the Sky Harbor. What is it with green-skinned foes?

Is the ‘Spider-Man’ 1960s TV series now obsessed with having green-skinned villains in their episodes? I’m thankful that the Season 1 episode had a variety of villains that weren’t all green-skinned. I know there are exceptions to certain villains in Season 2, but still, it’s getting repetitive. 😀

Spidey also takes a while to get into the picture with New York being in trouble as Rantenraven uses Sky Harbor to attack the city with World War I bi-planes as well as use paralyzing devices. It does get confusing in the animation process, but thankfully Spider-Man manages to defeat Rantenraven here.

‘Sky Harbor’ rating – 4/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Sky Harbor’ (TV)

  1. FusionViral

    I loved both the Sky Harbor and Von Rantraven eps as a kid. As a matter of fact I started this search because I just finished watching a few old episodes at 50! Lol! I have always wondered myself why many of the villains had green skin. Even Mysterio had green skin and they called him “Joe” instead of Quentin. One version even looked like Spock! But that’s what gives this weird cartoon it’s unique charm! I miss those days, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi FusionViral,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the 1960s ‘Spider-Man’ series. I’m glad you enjoyed these episodes. I know I come across as harsh in my reviews on some of the episodes, but I do appreciate the 1960s series has its fans. I enjoyed the Season 1 episodes more than the Season 2 and 3 episodes.

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Tim 🙂



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