‘Spider-Man Dis-Sabled’ (TV)


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In this ‘Spider-Man’ episode, Spidey comes up against the mercenary Silver Sable. Silver Sable has appeared in the 1990s animated ‘Spider-Man’ TV series in the ‘Six Forgotten Warriors’ story. She also appeared in the main ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 game and in ‘Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps’. 🙂

Silver Sable is presented more as a villain in this episode. Peter Parker covers a press conference where the Mayor of New York and a visiting Euro-dignitary called Tremaine address the public. But as the Mayor and Tremaine leave the event in a limo, Silver Sable fires a dart bomb for it to explode.

Spider-Man thankfully manages to come to the rescue and gets the Mayor and Tremaine out of the vehicle before he drives it into the Hudson River. Peter Parker and his friends’ lives become endangered when Silver Sable (voiced by Virginia Madsen) seeks the tape of Peter filming the event.

This involves her and her goons ransacking Peter and Harry’s apartment. Peter gets wind of Silver Sable trying to assassinate someone and he assumes it’s the Mayor. But it turns out there’s more to this as Silver Sable is after Tremaine. She also disguised herself as the Mayor’s secretary in the story.

Spidey comes to learn that Silver Sable only kills criminals and it turns out Tremaine is actually a terrorist. Spidey questions Silver Sable’s methods but she justifies herself when trying to assassinate Tremaine with the Mayor inside a moving vehicle. That final showdown takes place during the night.

This episode also explores more of Peter’s relationships with Indy at Empire-1 as well as MJ. There’s still rivalry between MJ and Indy in their attentions towards Peter. MJ even suggests that she, Peter, Indy and Harry should meet up with each other over a date instead of Peter getting a date with Indy.

I don’t get why Peter seems to take more interest in Indy than in MJ. Surely if MJ can’t be with Peter since he’s Spider-Man, Indy can’t be with him either. The inconsistency of Peter’s love life is emphasised when Indy, I think, spent the night at Peter’s just before MJ visited Peter the next day. 😐

I’m not entirely happy with how the Peter/MJ relationship turned out since Indy was in the way. Indy’s not even in the ‘Spider-Man’ comics and might have been based on Gwen Stacy, I think. Aside from that, ‘Spider-Man: Dis-Sabled’ is a really enjoyable episode to watch in this ‘Spider-Man’ series.

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 2 of ‘Spider-Man: The New Animated Series’, there’s a DVD audio commentary with director/executive producer Audu Paden, CG producer Barbara Zelinski, director Johnny Darrelland and supervising animator Rex Ahn. There’s also an ‘Amazing Spider-Facts’ info-text commentary option to enjoy.

‘Spider-Man: Dis-Sabled’ rating – 7/10

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