‘Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps’ (Game)


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Spider-Man with the Black Cat, Hammerhead and Silver Sable

Just when you thought there wasn’t any more ‘Spider-Man’ (PS4) to enjoy…

After enjoying watching the ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 game on YouTube via the 100% Longplay provided by Spazbo4, it’s only fair that I check out the DLC content too. This is of course ‘The City That Never Sleeps’, a three-part extra story featuring Spider-Man in the PS4 game world. That is pretty exciting!

Essentially, once you’ve finished the ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 game’s main story, you get to play extra gaming by downloading the three episodes of ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ story to your PS4 console. Thanks to Spazbo4 via YouTube, I’ve been able to enjoy seeing this DLC extra story all in its entirety.

Here are the three episodes featured in ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ story! They’re ‘The Heist’ which was released in October 2018, ‘Turf Wars’ which was released in November; and ‘Silver Lining’ released in December. I hope to share what I make of these three exciting DLC episodes each in turn.

‘THE HEIST’ (Part 1)

In ‘The Heist’, the first episode of this story, Mary Jane Watson is working on a story for the Daily Bugle regarding the Maggia crime families. Spider-Man is called in to investigate on behalf of MJ. This leads him to stopping a burglary that takes place at a museum. A painting is about to get stolen.

The painting is a lost masterpiece called the Maria, which is currently on display at an art museum. You as Spider-Man have to fight the Maggia thugs in game mode whilst at the museum. Very soon, the Black Cat turns up at the museum and rather than stealing the painting, she smashes it to pieces.

It’s not the painting the Black Cat was after. It was a data drive hidden within it. Black Cat is after four data drives as she’s apparently working for Hammerhead, one of the Maggia’s dons, in order to save the life of her ‘son’. At least, that’s what she told Spider-Man. Spider-Man gets anxious on this.

It was good to see the Black Cat/Felicia Hardy make an appearance in this ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 story. She had been introduced in the main story of the PS4 game but hadn’t been seen. Black Cat/Felicia is voiced by Erica Lindbeck in the game. Intriguing hints of her relationship with Spidey get revealed. 😐

I of course knew about the Black Cat/Felicia Hardy from watching the ‘Spider-Man’ 1990s animated series. I know Spidey and Black Cat worked together and had a relationship once. It’s intriguing how that gets touched upon, although the details aren’t explicit and detailed at this point.

Spidey/Peter gets anxious throughout this episode as he wonders whether the ‘son’ Black Cat/Felicia mentioned is his as well. Peter (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) shares his concerns with MJ (voiced by Laura Bailey) via phone. She isn’t certain what to make of this either when learning about the Black Cat.

I do like how MJ doesn’t go out in a bitter rage at Peter with the suggestion that he might be the daddy of Black Cat’s son. She tries to understand what’s going on, even though she’s not entirely happy about it. Peter and MJ still work together via phone in order to resolve the Black Cat situation.

The episode also features a police officer who gives Peter insight into the Black Cat’s history as well as sending him on an assignment to acquire missing paintings hidden across New York City. You as Spider-Man have to search for the paintings on behalf of the police officer whilst you play the game.

It’s soon revealed that the police officer wasn’t a police officer at all. It was actually Felicia Hardy’s father – Walter Hardy, who was once the former criminal called the Cat, Black Cat’s predecessor. I like how that’s revealed in the story, since I know about the Black Cat story arc in the 1990s series. 🙂

The game also features Spidey talking to Miles Morales (voiced by Nadji Jeter) via phone. Miles is keen to have web-slinging lessons after showing to Peter he’s got spider-powers at the end of the main ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 game. Peter/Spidey is reluctant to give Miles lessons, but warms to this idea.

One of my favourite moments in ‘The Heist’ episode is when Spidey/Peter orders a double pepperoni pizza on a rooftop. I loved it when Spidey/Peter said to the pizza, “I love you! But now, I must destroy you!” That’s how I feel about having a Domino’s Pizza. I feel like having a pizza now! 😀

You also get to play as MJ in a stealth mission in the episode. It’s funny after you’ve finished the stealth mission, MJ bumps into Spidey and she can smell the pizza off from him. Yeah, you should’ve had something to drink with that, Peter. Or have a mint to make you stop smelling like you just had pizza.

Eventually, as Spidey and Black Cat get closer to finding the last data drive in order to foil Hammerhead and rescue her son, it turns out Black Cat lied to Spidey all along. She never had a son and had only tricked Spidey to help him with getting the data drives she wanted for Hammerhead. 😐

But it turns out the Black Cat had given Hammerhead four fakes of the data drives she was collecting. Hammerhead orders for his men to rig Black Cat’s penthouse to explode. Just as Spider-Man tries to reach, warn and save her – Black Cat’s penthouse explodes and she seems to have died.

There’s a post-credits sequence at the end of the episode where Peter meets up with MJ in a cafe. Peter is distraught by Felicia/Black Cat’s seeming death. He’s also relieved he doesn’t happen to be the father of the Black Cat’s son. MJ reassures Peter he’ll be a good father one day. It’s a nice scene.

‘The Heist’ is a very good episode in ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ story. I like how the story of Spider-Man and the Black Cat gets told. Peter’s relationship with MJ is well-handled during the Black Cat story and that pizza scene with Spidey just makes me want to have a Domino’s Pizza! Excellent start!

‘The Heist’ rating – 10/10

‘TURF WARS’ (Part 2)

In ‘Turf Wars’, the second episode of this story, it’s days later after ‘The Heist’ happened. It seems that the gang war in the city has become even worse. Yuri Watanabe (voiced by Tara Ward), acquires Spider-Man’s assistance along with a S.W.A.T team to uncover one of Hammerhead’s bases.

I like that opening scene in the episode where one of the S.W.A.T. officers shows Spidey he had a Spider-Man watch given to him by his kid for his birthday. It’s not standard procedure of course, but it was a nice touching moment to see. It also foreshadows what’s to come in the rest of the episode.

I like how this episode in ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ showcases a bit of Spidey and Yuri Watanabe’s relationship in fighting crime. Yuri has become a good ally for Spider-Man since ‘Hostile Takeover’ right through into the PS4 game’s main story. Sadly, this will change by the time the episode ends.

Anyway, you as Spidey get to fight and distract Hammerhead’s men whilst Yuri and her S.W.A.T. team infiltrate inside the location of one of Hammerhead’s bases. After you’ve done that, you must find Yuri and her team in the building by crawling into some air vents to learn what became of them.

You then find that Yuri and her team have been caught by Hammerhead himself (voiced by Keith Silverstein). Sadly, Hammerhead slaughters the entire team, including the officer who wore the Spider-Man watch given to him by his kid. This has Yuri deeply traumatised as she’s the sole survivor.

Just to talk about Hammerhead, I don’t know much about him as a Spider-Man villain. I know he appeared briefly in a few of the ‘Spider-Man’ 1990s cartoon episodes, but there’s not much to say about him apart from having a hard head and being a crime boss. Very intriguing what he’s like here.

Anyway, you as Spidey have to hunt down Hammerhead to find out what he is doing. He’s planning to capture four other Maggia dons and kill them. Hammerhead is also after something called Project Olympus. You as Spidey work with the police in order to keep the Maggia dons safe. This does fail. 😦

Hammerhead manages to capture the Maggia dons using some Sable technology that are like mole-tanks. Spidey calls them ‘Digboys’. Me personally, I would’ve called them ‘Moles’ like in ‘Thunderbirds’. They do outwit Spider-Man and get him distracted. It causes him to screw up so bad.

It was tense when Spidey phoned Yuri to tell her what happened and she’s far from happy. She takes matters into her own hands. Spidey tries to calm her down and get her to take a ‘deep breath’. But she tells him to stay out of her way. Spidey is so afraid Yuri will go too far beyond the breaking point.

Incidentally, Hammerhead managed to acquire Sable technology from the previous episode as it continues to be the case in this episode. He also gets to wear a strength-enhancing exoskeleton suit that he stole from Sable International. I’ve never seen Hammerhead be like that, but it’s so effective.

By the way, something I forgot to mention in the previous episode. You get set these challenges by a mad woman called Screwball (voiced by Stephanie Lemelin). I’m not sure what the deal is with these challenges, but Screwball sounds really screwy and she presents these challenges like a live TV show.

The episode also has Spidey in conversation with Miles Morales, who’s been having lessons from Peter lately in-between ‘The Heist’ and ‘Turf Wars’. Miles also phones Peter to let him know he had an accident doing a stunt on a bridge and is at hospital. Peter also phones MJ about the case he’s on.

Eventually, the episode’s climax has you as Spider-Man trying to save the lives of the four Maggia dons who are about to be cemented on a construction site whilst it’s being transmitted on TV. After that, you as Spidey have to fight Hammerhead in his super-exoskeleton suit as well as his henchmen.

Just when you as Spider-Man have Hammerhead defeated and on his knees, you’re interrupted by a vengeful Yuri who comes in and shoots Hammerhead dead. This is despite Spidey trying to web the weapon out of Yuri’s hands as she shoots Hammerhead in the head. A very gut-wrenching moment!

There’s a post-credits sequence at the end of the episode where an emergency vehicle takes Hammerhead away after he’s presumed dead. But one of Hammerhead’s goons disguised as a paramedic revives him. How he managed to reanimate him is so astonishing. What will occur next?!

‘Turf Wars’ is a good second instalment of ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. I don’t think it’s as good as the first episode, but it showcases Yuri Watanabe’s character in an intriguing light, especially when she takes revenge on Hammerhead. I wonder what will happen next with Hammerhead resurrected.

‘Turf Wars’ rating – 9/10


In ‘Silver Living’, the third and final episode of this story, Spider-Man and MJ discover that Hammerhead is looking for more Sable technology as well as being alive. Spider-Man goes out on the search to hunt for Hammerhead. But he’s soon reunited with a former adversary…or friend here.

As the title implies, this episode features the return of Silver Sable (voiced by Nichole Elise). Silver Sable is a character I know little about, apart from that she’s been in the ‘Spider-Man’ comics. I saw her in a few episodes of ‘Spider-Man: The New Animated Series’, where she was seen more as a foe.

Silver Sable is a mercenary and in the PS4 video game universe, she doesn’t really care for Spider-Man’s way of tackling crime. In the main story of the PS4 game and in this particular episode, she takes an instant dislike to Spidey. Even when he tries to make friends with her, she’s got a cold edge.

I like how the relationship is formed between Silver Sable and Spidey. He tries to calm her down and tell her it’s better not to kill people. Sable doesn’t listen to Spidey wholeheartedly at first. But as her tale progresses, she does soften and isn’t the unreasonable cold-blooded killer she makes out to be.

It does take a while for Spidey and Sable to get along with each other in order to apprehend Hammerhead. You even fight Sable as Spider-Man at one point during the game. Eventually, Sable agrees to a truce. Belong long, you as Spidey and she work together in order to locate Hammerhead.

In this episode, Sable has her own powered super-jet when Spidey comes across her. You as Spidey also get to rescue Sable in a sewer level. The sewer level is quite a challenge when you have to crawl through ducts and avoid getting electrocuted before you fight with Sable against hardened criminals.

I like the phone conversations between Peter/Spidey and MJ when they’re trying to hunt down Hammerhead. Sadly, MJ doesn’t make an actual appearance in the episode and even tells Peter that she has to go to Sable’s country Symkaria for a bit. Hopefully MJ will return for the game’s sequel. 😀

Yuri Watanabe’s story also gets touched upon in the episode. At the end of the previous episode, she killed Hammerhead. In this episode, she seems to have gone too far as during a side quest to find audio recordings; Spider-Man learns Yuri Watanabe has killed somebody to get what she wants.

This is quite a blow for Spider-Man, especially when Yuri has been a trusted friend and colleague in fighting crime since ‘Hostile Takeover’. I don’t know how Yuri’s story will be resolved in the sequel. Whether she’ll be redeemed, I don’t know. It’ll be a hard thing to do for Spider-Man to turn Yuri in. 😦

The episode also features the return of Black Cat/Felicia Hardy. Yeah! Felicia wasn’t dead as it seemed to be at the end of ‘The Heist’. She comes in and rescues Spidey when he’s caught in the crossfire between Sable and Hammerhead. It’s a brief return but it’s a satisfying one to say the least.

Spidey also gets in touch with Miles Morales. Apparently, Spidey has given Miles some web-shooters to practice with. I like the mentor relationship between Spidey/Peter and Miles in the PS4 game universe. It definitely feels more convincing and so relatable compared to that ‘Spider-Verse’ movie.

In the game, Hammerhead has now become a completely transformed cyborg through the usage of Sable International’s Project Olympus armour. And my goodness! He’s huge compared to how Spidey fought him last time in ‘Turf Warfs’! It’s good Spidey and Sable work together to defeat him.

It was fascinating to see that Silver Sable had a secret Sable International base hidden on the Hudson River in New York. You as Spidey have to help Sable and prepare a special kind of laser weapon in order to defeat Hammerhead before he and his goons turn up at the base and make the final attack.

The fight at the Sable International secret base is long, but once you as Spidey and Silver Sable eventually defeat Hammerhead, all is good. Silver Sable says farewell to Spidey, shaking him by the hand, but doesn’t hug him. Not ready for that yet. Spidey also requests a ride back to Manhattan. 😀

There’s a tribute given to Stan Lee during the episode’s credits to honour his memory since he passed away in 2018. There’s also a post-credits sequence at the end of the episode where Peter Parker/Spider-Man trains Miles Morales how to web-sling. Miles also wears his Spider-Man mask. 😀

‘Silver Lining’ is a pretty good and satisfying conclusion to ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. There are open-ended story notes with characters like MJ, Yuri and the Black Cat. But hopefully they’ll be answered in the sequel. I’m very sure it’s something that ‘Spider-Man’ fans are looking forward to! 🙂

On the whole, ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ is a very good extra story in the ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 game universe. The character journeys are strong and the gameplay still seems very good in continuation from the main game. You even get the chance to play more after the story’s episodes have finished.

I’m happy I’ve seen the ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 game in their Longplays on YouTube, both in the main game and ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. I hope there’ll be more of this ‘Spider-Man’ story to look forward to. I’d like to read another book starring this Spider-Man! I’ve even heard the sequel will be in a PS5 format!

By the way, J. Jonah Jameson (voiced by Darin De Paul) continues to make podcasts against Spider-Man during ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. Thought I’d mention that. 😀

‘Silver Lining’ rating – 9/10

‘Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps’ – 10/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps’ (Game)

  1. Timelord 007

    Ok bad things out the way first those ruddy screwball challenges which i loathed & despised with a vengeance, my cousin & i played this game at the same time & because were competitive we both platinum the game & DLC, of course to do that you have partake in those ruddy screwball challenges, swinging between objects & timing jumps (GRRRRRRRRR) it’s a good job i wasn’t recording myself playing those missions because the swear bleep metre would’ve melted.

    Overall great DLC, Yuri arc in particular was quite dark & sad to think she gone down this dark path, can Spider-Man save her or be forced to bring her to justice?

    My only gripe was how Black Cats arc kinda fizzled out, it was set up well during chapter 1 but omitted from chapter 2 only to have the briefest of conclusions in chapter 3 but that’s my only gripe on the story, barring that excellent DLC to a awesome Spider-Man game.

    Superb review Tim. You reviewed this extremely well considering you haven’t played the game which one day i hope you do as it’s amazing (groans).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Yeah, I’m not sure what the point of those Screwball challenges were as they don’t add much to the story. I don’t know much about Screwball as a ‘Spider-Man’ villain but she doesn’t strike me as very interesting. I can appreciate how frustrating you must’ve found those Screwball challenges. I’m pretty sure I would’ve found it annoying having to do those challenge if I were playing the game as they get in the way of the story.

      I’m not sure what’s going to happen to Yuri Watanabe in this ‘Spider-Man’ game series. Whether she’ll be redeemed I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to find out. I had no idea she ended up being the Wraith at some point in the ‘Spider-Man’ comics. I’m sure we’ll find out soon when it comes to the game’s sequel. 🙂

      Yeah the Black Cat’s story arc did seem to be sidelined in Episodes 2 and 3 compared to Episode 1. In fact, you can see how each episode is dedicated to certain characters like Episode 1 is for Black Cat, Episode 2 is for Yuri and Hammerhead and Episode 3 is for Silver Sable. Yet all three episodes interconnect with each other. Still a good extra story to the PS4 game. I hope Peter will see MJ again in the sequel.

      Very pleased you enjoyed my review on ‘Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps’, Simon. I look forward to the day when I can get to play the game on a PS4 console as it looks and feels pretty exciting and amazing! 😀

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Tim. 😉



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