‘The Awakening’ (TV)


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Initially, I thought ‘The Awakening’ and ‘The Vampire Queen’ formed a two-parter. That’s because both episodes are linked in featuring the return of Morbius. But as I discovered, there wasn’t a ‘To Be Continued…’ at the end of ‘The Awakening’ and there’s no recap at the start of ‘The Vampire Queen’.

So, I’m treating both episodes as separate stories from now on. In ‘The Awakening’ (not to be confused with the ‘Doctor Who’ story also called ‘The Awakening’ 😀 ), Spider-Man has mixed feeling over his relationship with the Black Cat since he does not want to endanger her life like with Mary Jane.

Eventually, Debra Whitman and a team of scientists retrieve the hibernating body of the living vampire – Michael Morbius. Yes! Morbius is back in the ‘Spider-Man’ series! This creates an emotional effect on Felicia Hardy who soon goes out to find Michael under her disguise of Black Cat.

It’s not only Felica/Black Cat who wants to reunite with Morbius. The Kingpin and Herbert Landon also want him. The ESU soon tries to find a way to restore Michael Morbius back to normal and have him not become a vampire anymore. This is until Landon and the Shocker interfere with breaking in.

They attempt to steal Morbius as a vampire bat. But thanks to Spidey, Morbius escapes. Morbius tries to fight off the urge to hunt for blood. He soon reunites with Felicia/Black Cat who offers to help Michael through his turmoil. She also doesn’t pay much attention to Spider-Man during this business.

It was interesting to discover in the episode that Debra Whitman might’ve had feelings for Michael Morbius when he was a normal human being in that she ‘loved’ him. I don’t recall Debra being in love with Michael from the flashbacks. Flash Thompson seems jealous of Debra’s interest in Morbius. 😀

Morbius is held captive by the Kingpin, Landon and Shocker before Spider-Man and Black Cat swing in. There is a moment where the Kingpin is hurting Black Cat and Morbius becomes angry. He smashes out of his cage enraged and goes after the Kingpin. The Kingpin does escape however here.

The Black Cat also receives help from Whistler, Blade’s mentor and friend, as he gives her weapons to tame Morbius. But when the Black Cat is about to use an almost lethal weapon, she can’t bring herself to use it upon him. Morbius flees whilst Spidey and Black Cat go off separate ways in daylight.

‘The Awakening’ rating – 8/10

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