‘The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson’ (TV)


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This ‘Spider-Man’ episode changes things for Peter Parker in a significant way. It features the return of Mysterio and it has Mary Jane becoming a movie star to replace Mysterio’s former girlfriend in a film. It’s the episode’s ending that will make people gasp especially when it finishes on a cliffhanger.

The episode begins with Mysterio attacking a pirate masquerade fundraising event. J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson are among the crowd dressed up as pirates as well as Peter Parker. Pirate robots attack the party under Mysterio’s command before Spider-Man swings in to stop the villain. 🙂

Spidey eventually gets Quentin Beck as Mysterio arrested and thrown in jail. Meanwhile, Mary Jane tells Peter that she’s got the role to star in a film that was originally played by Quentin Beck’s former girlfriend Miranda Wilson. But Mary Jane is troubled by the mysterious dreams she’s been having. 😐

It was interesting to discover links to this episode from ‘The Menace of Mysterio’ where Quentin Beck got fired from his job because of too many special effects and he lost his girlfriend Miranda in the process. He also reveals to Spidey that he acquired new technology from Wilson Fisk the Kingpin.

A flashback is given to show Mysterio receiving the technology from the Kingpin, including a CGI video presentation featuring Spidey. It was also interesting to find hints of what may have happened to Mary Jane as she disappeared in ‘Turning Point’ and returned in ‘The Return of the Green Goblin’.

It’s surprising that Mary Jane returns to normal life quite quickly, especially when getting an acting job in a film. But she soon gets lured by a vision of her father as she’s taken down below underneath Wonder Studios. I thought it was Dormammu and Mordo up to their old tricks again with Mary Jane.

Spidey with Mysterio’s help has to find Mary Jane and save her from the person who’s captured her. This involves Spidey fighting against some robot versions of his previous foes that Mysterio created. This includes robot versions of the Lizard; Doc Ock; the Rhino, Venom and Carnage. Very exciting! 😀

In the end, it’s Miranda Wilson who’s become a cyborg that captured Mary Jane. Spidey saves Mary Jane after Miranda attempted to plant her mind in her body. Mysterio gets blown up and presumably dies with Miranda. The story ends with Peter taking his Spidey mask off for Mary Jane. 😮

‘The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson’ rating – 8/10

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