‘The Hobgoblin’ (TV)

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This is a two-part story in the ‘Spider-Man’ animated series and it introduces the Hobgoblin, who is an assassin that attempts to kill the powerful Kingpin. Interesting how the ‘Spider-Man’ 1990s animated series introduces the Hobgoblin first before the Green Goblin. It differs a lot in the comics.

Actually there is a connection with the Green Goblin in how the Hobgoblin gets introduced first in the 1990s animated series. For one thing, Norman Osborn, who would become the Green Goblin, is the one who hired the psychopath to kill the Kingpin at a special ceremony. This goes wrong though.

Peter Parker, who is there at the ceremony, saves the Kingpin under the alias of Wilson Fisk from getting killed by the Hobgoblin. It also seems the Hobgoblin’s technology was created at OsCorp by Norman Osborn. The Hobgoblin’s true identity is not revealed until a lot later on during the TV show.

As it turns out, the Hobgoblin is an untrustworthy ally. He can be deceptive and switch sides very easily. One minute he can be working for Norman Osborn; then the next minute he’s working for the Kingpin. It seems the Hobgoblin wants to use Osborn and the Kingpin’s rivalry to his own advantage.

Peter Parker also moves into Harry Osborn’s, Norman Osborn’s son, flat as a roommate. Very soon, the Hobgoblin attacks and kidnaps Harry Osborn in order to shake things up in the rivalry between Norman Osborn and the Kingpin. Aunt May also gets injured by the Hobgoblin and gets hospitalised.

In ‘Part Two’, the Hobgoblin continues to causes more trouble when he manages to acquire the Kingpin’s headquarters as well as keeping Harry Osborn a prisoner. Spider-Man manages to avoid getting killed by the Hobgoblin following a battle between them that began at the end of ‘Part One’.

During the two-parter, Alistair Smythe has been suspicious of the Hobgoblin’s motives. It’s confirmed when Smythe monitors the Hobgoblin betraying the Kingpin to Norman Osborn. The Kingpin gets wind of this until the Hobgoblin takes over and throws him and Smythe out of his base.

The Kingpin and Smythe soon visit Oscorp to work with Norman on a strategy in getting the Hobgoblin out of their base to defeat him. Norman soon gets Spidey to go through the underground tunnels to get into the Kingpin’s hideout where he finds the Hobgoblin and find a way to defeat him.

Spidey manages to rescue Harry in the end. I did like that scene where Spidey confronts Norman Osborn about neglecting his son Harry. Norman defies Spidey’s accusations and gives some very interesting and justifiable reasons for why he was never there for Harry and that he has regretted it.

Although the Hobgoblin has been defeated in this two-parter, it doesn’t mean it’s the last we’ll see of him. I enjoyed Peter’s scenes with Mary Jane in the story and I like how it ends with Aunt May recovering in hospital and telling him to move out of Harry’s, after she sees the shocking state it’s in.

‘The Hobgoblin’ rating – 8/10

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