‘The Insidious Six’/’Battle of the Insidious Six’ (TV)



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It’s time for Season 2 of the animated ‘Spider-Man’ TV series. Throughout the season, we have the story arc of the ‘Neogenic Nightmare’. This is where Peter/Spidey has problems with his spider-powers. In the first two-parter of the season, Spidey has trouble clinging to walls as he loses his grip.

The business of Spider-Man losing his powers is something that gets echoed again in ‘Spider-Man 2’. It’s in the comics as well, but it’s interesting how the animated TV series tackles it and makes a season story arc out of it. Spidey also has to battle six deadly enemies he’s faced before in Season 1.

These enemies are of course Dr. Octopus, the Rhino, the Shocker, the Scorpion, the Chameleon and Mysterio. They’re hired by the Kingpin to form the Insidious Six. Now in the comics, they were called the Sinister Six. I don’t know why the animated TV series didn’t call this villains team the Sinister Six.

The original Sinister Six team consisted of Dr. Octopus, the Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, the Sandman and Kraven the Hunter. I know that doesn’t match to what’s here in the animated TV series, but you can still call them the Sinister Six instead of the Insidious Six. The PS4 game named its group the Sinister Six.

Anyway, Spidey has to battle these six foes that are hired to kill him by the Kingpin. But Spidey’s battle with the Insidious Six doesn’t go very well, especially when his powers keep playing up all the time. He has Dr. Connors examine him to find out what’s gone wrong with his spider-powers lately.

The first episode of this two-parter introduces some new faces. In the Kingpin’s outfit, there are crime lords like Silvermane, the Owl and Hammerhead being introduced. There’s also a new student at ESU called Michael Morbius (who may have his own film as Jared Leto sometime soon 😀 ).

Morbius becomes a rival for Peter Parker in science classes as well as being a love interest for Felicia Hardy. Peter was meant to take Felicia out on a date in the episode, but he forgets it after having a battle with the Insidious Six. Aunt May also gets taken by Doc Ock on the presumption that Peter is very ill.

Peter gets a ransom note from the Insidious Six to send Spider-Man to them if he wants Aunt May to be kept alive. Peter, dressed up as Spidey, runs on foot to rescue his Aunt May, but gets caught in a trap by Doc Ock, the Rhino, the Shocker, the Scorpion, Mysterio and the Chameleon disguised as a witch-like Aunt May…


In ‘Battle of the Insidious Six’, Spidey gets defeated by the Insidious Six and soon has his mask taken off to be revealed as Peter Parker. The six villains are surprised by this but Doc Ock susses out that Peter took on the Spider-Man mantle in order to rescue Aunt May and says he is not the real Spidey.

I like how that gets portrayed in this ‘Spider-Man’ two-parter and again it was something echoed in the original 1960s comics that I’ve read. Peter is allowed to see Aunt May when made to be put in a sick bed by the villains. It also turns out Doc Ock’s clinic happens to be an illusion made by Mysterio.

Now in the comics, it featured a storyline where Aunt May fell in love with Doc Ock. Aunt May even called Doc Ock a nice man at the end of the first episode of this two-parter. But in the animated TV series and the films, Aunt May never fell in love with Doc Ock. I wonder if it’ll never happen at all. 😀

Silvermane, one of Kingpin’s fellow crime lords, sets out to ruin the Kingpin for his failure to have his Insidious Six destroy Spider-Man. The Kingpin gets his group to kidnap Silvermane as well as making Peter Parker lead them to Spider-Man. Peter leads the six villains to a rooftop where they’ll met him.

Despite struggling to get his powers back, Spidey does his best to try and defeat the Insidious Six by using his wits against them. Thankfully, Spidey manages to get some of his powers back and uses them to trick the Insidious Six and make them fight each other. Soon, his powers are totally restored.

It’s also ironic that Spidey rescues Silvermane without realising that he’s a bad guy. He just assumes that he’s a nice old man who’s wealthy, being kidnapped by the Insidious Six. Silvermane got tricked into being captured when the Chameleon disguised himself as Hammerhead as they went up in a lift.

I like how the episode finished with Spidey managing to defeat the Insidious Six. The six villains go their separate ways, not wanting to work for the Kingpin anymore. Despite disappointing Felicia Hardy who’s going with Michael Morbius on dates, Peter is pleased to see Aunt May and Mary Jane.

When Spidey meets up with Dr. Connors at his lab, he’s told that his DNA is mutating into something. Whatever it is, it won’t be human. I did enjoy this Season 2 two-part opener as it was such a great thrill to see Spidey fight against Doc Ock, Rhino, Shocker, Scorpion, Mysterio and Chameleon.

‘The Insidious Six’/’Battle of the Insidious Six’ rating – 9/10

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