‘The Menace of Mysterio’ (TV)



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In this episode, Spidey faces Mysterio, a special effects man for the movies that wears a glowing dome on his head. I like Mysterio as a villain, especially as that big dome on his head makes him spooky. He’s also a difficult foe for Spidey to defeat with holographic illusions and movie technology.

The episode begins with Spider-Man robbing from a museum. But it turns out that this is actually Mysterio dressing up as the wall-crawler and Spider-Man becomes framed. Spidey soon discovers that Mysterio is getting back at him for ruining his life, due to a visual effects stunt that went wrong.

Mysterio has now appeared in the ‘MCU Spider-Man’ universe. He featured as the villain for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’. I have to say, I found Mysterio’s motives as a villain in this ‘Spider-Man’ animated episode more convincing than in the movie. At least Tony Stark did not ruin Quentin Beck.

There’s more of Mary Jane Watson in this episode. Mary Jane first appeared at the end of the previous episode ‘Return of the Spider Slayers’. Peter is easily attracted to her. Mary Jane seems keen on Peter too. She wants him to take her out for a film. Peter is over-the-moon by her invitation.

It was quite painful when Peter forgot his date with Mary Jane because of Mysterio and she wasn’t too happy about it, hanging up the phone on him. But at least they make up and apologise to each other at the episode’s end. I like the Peter and Mary Jane relationship in the series as it’s very sweet.

This episode also features the debut appearance of Terri Lee, a police detective who is a very tough cookie. She eventually becomes a good ally for Spider-Man since she believes and trusts in him somehow. I liked that scene where Terri Lee persuades Peter Parker to not turn his back in the story.

It was good when Spidey and Terri Lee worked together and found out more about Mysterio’s identity when he was Quentin Beck before becoming a supervillain. Things get tense when Spidey confronts Mysterio at the tale’s end, fighting his way through holograms and monsters to get to him.

We see more of the origins of how Spidey came to be a crime-fighter in the episode. It’s revealed that Spidey let a criminal go after taking part in a wrestling tournament. This resulted in Uncle Ben’s death. The complete origins story for Spider-Man would get revealed in ‘Make a Wish’ in Season 3. 🙂

‘The Menace of Mysterio’ rating – 8/10

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