‘The Mutant Agenda’/’Mutants’ Revenge’ (TV)



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This two-parter features a crossover where Spider-Man gets to meet the X-Men. It was intriguing to see this two-parter. The X-Men in this are from their animated TV series shown at the same time as Spider-Man’s animated TV series. This must’ve been pretty exciting to watch for fans of both shows.

The X-Men you know are here in this two-parter including Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue, Beast, Gambit and Professor X. There’s no Magneto though. I suppose the X-Men are helping Spider-Man defeat his enemy – the Hobgoblin – rather than the other way around. This makes sense.

It would’ve been fun to have had the Tobey Maguire version of Spider-Man meet the X-Men in their movies. Imagine Tobey Maguire’s Spidey teaming up with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. That was all before the ‘MCU’ was created. I suppose cartoon shows of the 1990s were luckier than films.

It was exciting to see how this two-parter opened with Spidey turning up at Xavier’s Mansion and meeting the X-Men. Spidey gets into a tangle with the X-Men and soon ends up in a danger room. He fights off against giant Sentinel robots before the X-Men enter in to stop the holographic simulation.

Anyway, Spider-Man seeks Professor X’s help due to the mutation he seems to be going through. When Professor X is unable to help, Spidey storms off. Beast however seems to want to help Spidey, suggesting that he goes to see Herbert Landon, CEO of the Brand Corporation, for help on mutation.

In the process, Beast gets captured by Landon’s troopers. Herbert Landon (voiced by David Warner) wants to put Beast in a pool of chemicals in order to cure him of being a mutant. Landon also gets money from the Hobgoblin who returns to cause havoc in the story. It all gets pretty exciting here. 😀

There is a flashback sequence that Peter has when he remembers being a young boy doing fishing with his Uncle Ben. This is when Peter’s feeling low-down and depression about the mutation he’s going to receive. He’s inspired by Uncle Ben’s words of wisdom on never to give up on what he does.

Wolverine meanwhile assumes Spider-Man kidnapped Beast when he went out to help him. During a fight with Hobgoblin, Spider-Man gets interrupted by Wolverine who wants to know what’s become of Beast. Spider-Man and Wolverine fight each other as Hobgoblin throws a pumpkin bomb at them…


In ‘Mutants’ Revenge’, Spider-Man and Wolverine manage to survive Hobgoblin’s pumpkin bomb attack before they continue fighting each other. Spidey tries to convince Wolverine that he hasn’t kidnapped Beast. The two heroes soon work together to save Beast from Landon’s laboratory prison.

I enjoyed how Spidey and Wolverine worked together as a team in this second episode of the two-parter. I haven’t seen the ‘X-Men’ animated TV series yet, but Wolverine is how he sounds from the movies. Wolverine treats Spidey like a kid but still respects him. I wish I could see a movie with them.

The Hobgoblin steals computer information on a disc and corrupts Landon’s research with a virus. He causes more trouble when getting in on the action whilst Spidey and Wolverine rescue Beast from his prison cell over a vat of chemicals. Thankfully, Spidey and Wolverine do get to rescue Beast.

Unfortunately, the Hobgoblin’s actions cause Herbert Landon to end up in the vat of chemicals instead. He soon transforms into a gigantic horrific mutant monster and causes destruction in New York City. Landon as a mutant even kidnaps his assistant Genevieve who turns out to be a mutant. 😐

I like how Genevieve is revealed to be a mutant in the story and that Beast knew it from the get-go. I like how Beast is portrayed in this ‘Spider-Man’ two-parter. Without having seen the ‘X-Men’ animated series, Beast is politely-mannered as he is in the movies and is good friends with Wolverine.

The Kingpin and Alistair Smythe make an appearance in this two-parter too. The Kingpin hoped for Herbert Landon to create him an army of mutants apparently. Smythe didn’t trust Landon and it seems that it was the case. Landon had been working on his own agenda to destroy all mutant-kind.

I like how the story ends with Spidey and the X-Men teaming up together to defeat Landon as the giant mutant. Spidey even gets to ride the X-Men’s jet called the Blackbird whilst heroes like Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee and Storm weaken Brandon. Soon, Brandon is defeated and reverts to human-form.

Well, sort of. Yeah, Brandon ends up half-human, half-mutant by the episode of this story. The X-Men thank Spidey for helping them and tell him not to lose hope in the friends he has. Spider-Man soon goes to see Dr. Mariah Crawford and asks her for help regarding his mutant condition recently.

‘The Mutant Agenda’/’Mutants’ Revenge’ rating – 8/10

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