‘The Prowler’ (TV)


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And here we are on the season finale for Season 4 of the 1990s ‘Spider-Man’ animated series. It’s interesting to see this episode ‘The Prowler’ as the final episode of Season 4. I’m not sure if ‘The Wedding’ was the episode to end Season 4 instead, but I’m happy it was ‘The Prowler’ that ended it.

In this episode, Hobie Brown meets up with Peter Parker at the flat that belongs to Peter and Mary Jane when they get married. Hobie wants Peter to help him as he shares how he became the Prowler. It involves a quest of power for Hobie as well as a meeting with Wilson Fisk as the Kingpin.

The Prowler is an interesting character in the ‘Spider-Man’ universe. He does end up being an ally for Spidey. In terms of movies, the Prowler was in ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’. I prefer the Prowler in this ‘Spidey’ episode than ‘Spider-Verse’. He might also be in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.

Hobie has an interesting backstory in wanting power and intending to overthrow a crime lord called Iceberg. He also wants to win the heart of his love Angela, who disapproves of his lifestyle. Incidentally, I just found out Hobie/the Prowler was voiced by Tim Russ from ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. 😀

In the process of stealing Mary Jane’s purse, Peter/Spidey stops Hobie and has him arrested. Soon, Hobie saves the Kingpin’s son Richard Fisk which helps him to get out of prison. The Kingpin offers Hobie a new battle suit. Thus the Prowler is born. Hobie gets to enjoy using his latest Prowler suit. 😀

But the Prowler soon finds out that the Kingpin double-crossed him as he needs to have suit recharged and needs to go to the Kingpin for that. Hobie turns to Spidey for help and soon they find a way to overthrow the Kingpin and stop his control on the Prowler suit. The Prowler is soon freed. 🙂

I like how this episode explores Peter and Mary Jane’s relationship in contrast to Hobie’s relationship with her Angela. Peter considers the new life he and Mary Jane are about to have together in their flat. After his experience with the Prowler, Peter is happy and looks forward to a life with Mary Jane.

‘The Prowler’ is a decent end to Season 4 of ‘Spider-Man’. It may not be dramatic as the previous season finales for Season 2 and 3, but I’m glad it ended on a positive note. At this point, I’m looking forward to what’s to come next during Season 5 as it looks pretty exciting with its fascinating stories.

‘The Prowler’ rating – 8/10

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