‘The Return of the Green Goblin’ (TV)


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The first time I saw this ‘Spider-Man’ episode was on ‘The Ultimate Villain Showdown’ DVD. It was presented as a bonus episode on the DVD copy I had in the UK. I didn’t know much about Spider-Man and the 1990s TV series by this point, but it was pretty exciting to watch this ‘Spidey’ episode. 🙂

In the episode, Harry Osborn becomes haunted by the ghost of the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin is trapped in limbo after the events of ‘Turning Point’. Very soon, Harry becomes the second Green Goblin and he’s made by his father, whom he later learns is the Green Goblin, to kill off Spider-Man.

The episode also features the return of the Punisher who appeared in Season 2 of ‘Spider-Man’. The Punisher helps Aunt Anna to find her missing niece Mary Jane Watson. She suspects Peter has something to do with it. The Punisher uses all of his resources to follow Peter Parker on his own trail.

Peter meanwhile discovers to his horror that Harry has become the new Green Goblin. He tries to figure out what Harry’s plans are as he investigates the Osborn home and discovers a map containing hideouts for the Green Goblin. Peter does not realise he’s being followed by the Punisher.

Once the Punisher catches up with him, he makes the deduction that Peter Parker is the Green Goblin. Despite Peter/Spidey trying to shake him off in his pursuit of the Green Goblin, the Punisher won’t stop following him. I can imagine Peter/Spidey getting annoyed by the Punisher following him.

Eventually, Peter/Spidey manages to meet up with Harry as the Green Goblin at OsCorp. He tries to persuade Harry to stop his madness and reveals to him that his father was the Green Goblin. Once Harry learns the truth, instead of listening to Peter, he takes on the full insane mantle of the Goblin.

This all leads to Spider-Man and the Green Goblin fighting each other on the George Washington Bridge (as before with Mary Jane) with the Punisher joining in the fight. Thankfully, the Green Goblin is defeated and the Punisher takes him back to Peter’s house. Peter finds them both waiting for him.

The episode ends on a happier note since Mary Jane miraculously returns. Peter is surprised Mary Jane is back and he wonders what had happened to her. Mary Jane doesn’t know what happened to her but she had to find Peter to tell him she loves him. I’m pleased the episode ended quite happily.

‘The Return of the Green Goblin’ rating – 10/10

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