‘The Spot’ (TV)


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This ‘Spider-Man’ episode features a new villain called the Spot. Now, I checked and apparently the Spot did appear in the ‘Spider-Man’ comics – or more accurately, he appeared in the ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ comics. His appearance in this ‘Spider-Man’ story suits the purpose for the Season 3 finale.

In the episode, a scientist named Dr. Jonathan Ohnn has his inter-dimensional portal technology dismantled by Tony Stark at Stark Enterprises, following the events of ‘Venom Returns’/’Carnage’. Disgruntled, Ohnn is soon employed into the services of Wilson Fisk/Kingpin to continue with the technology.

Ohnn also gets to work with Sylvia Lopez, a beautiful scientist whom he eventually falls in love with. They improve upon the inter-dimensional portal technology, but an accident occurs that causes Ohnn to become the Spot. He’s soon able to travel through inter-dimensional portals and create them at will.

It was interesting to see the Spot as the story’s villain, although he doesn’t necessarily want to harm people. It’s his actions in utilising the portal technology that causes harm to the city of New York. Spider-Man must find a way to stop the Spot causing any harm to people with his portal technology.

I liked the episode’s climax where Spidey was eventually taken by the Spot in order to fight the Kingpin at his headquarters. But when one of the portals in the sky becomes too much to handle, Spidey; the Spot and Sylvia Lopez work together to close it. It all ends up with the Spot and Sylvia’s self-sacrifice.

Peter and Mary Jane also seem to be back together in the series. In between ‘Venom Returns’/’Carnage’ and ‘The Spot’, it had been a month since Peter did any webslinging as Spider-Man. It gets ruined once the portal fiasco ensues and Peter/Spidey has to leave Mary Jane to stop it.

It’s sour when Peter tries to make it up with Mary Jane but she doesn’t want anything to do with him after he left her. Later on in the episode, the two of them make up with each other and it ends with them kissing each other. Harry Osborn isn’t happy as he believes Peter stolen his girlfriend from him.

There’s also the subplot going on with Felicia dating Jason Philips following ‘Rocket Racer’. Felicia seems to enjoy dating Jason, but she’s torn between her feelings for him and Spider-Man. The episode ends with the Hobgoblin making an appearance. He hopes to use Ohnn’s portal technology someday.

‘The Spot’ rating – 8/10

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