‘The Ultimate Slayer’ (TV)



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I saw this episode on the ‘Daredevil vs. Spider-Man’ DVD back in 2005. It’s not an outstanding episode by any means, but it does address a certain character arc that’s been going on for Alistair Smythe. There are also links to ‘The Spider Slayer’ and the ‘Return of the Spider Slayers’ episodes. 😀

The episode begins with Peter hearing the news that Mary Jane and Harry are engaged. Peter doesn’t get a chance to get over the shock as he receives a phone call from Alistair Smythe who wants to betray the Kingpin. The Kingpin uncovers Alistair Smythe’s treachery and attends to him. 😮

Spider-Man soon confronts Alistair Smythe who has been turned into the Ultimate Slayer. This is work of Dr. Herbert Landon (from ‘The Mutant Agenda’/’Mutants’ Revenge’) who has now taken Smythe’s place to work for the Kingpin. Landon’s also a half-mutant, half-human hybrid in the series.

As Spidey struggles to fight Smythe as the Ultimate Slayer, he’s soon summoned by Madame Webb who gives him a lesson on how to overcome his enemies. She tells Spider-Man that it’s not the ‘how’ to defeat his enemies. It’s to question ‘why’. Spidey soon gets to learn what Webb means by that. 😀

Meanwhile, Landon is hopeful that he has control of Smythe in his new robotic form. But Smythe recalls memories of his father Spencer Smythe and soon heads out in a pursuit of revenge. He goes out to hunt Norman Osborn, who is at OsCorp Towers for a special conference where Peter attends.

Peter eventually talks to Mary Jane about her engagement to Harry, asking her why she agreed to marry him. Mary Jane says she finds Harry always being there for her. When Peter asks her if she loves Harry, Mary Jane doesn’t answer, hurrying away. This all could mean a spark of hope for Peter.

Eventually, Smythe gets his hands on Osborn before Landon sees to it that Smythe and Osborn are taken to the Kingpin’s headquarters. Mary Jane and Harry also get caught by accident. Spidey soon rescues Osborn, Harry and Mary Jane and tells Smythe that his father is still alive in a cryo-chamber.

After escaping the Kingpin’s headquarters, Spidey sees Osborn and Harry leave in a taxi cab. Mary Jane however gives Harry the engagement ring back before she asks Spidey to swing her back home. It’s more likely Peter has a chance with Mary Jane after all. Alistair Smythe’s still in New York though.

‘The Ultimate Slayer’ rating – 8/10

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