‘The Vampire Queen’ (TV)


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In ‘The Vampire Queen’, the second linked episode of the two-episode story arc featuring Morbius in Season 4 of ‘Spider-Man’, the Black Cat goes out searching for her former lover. Spider-Man also hunts for Morbius, concerned about the Black Cat becoming very distant in her feelings towards him.

Meanwhile, Blade returns from Europe after discovering that her mother has become a female vampire. This happens to be Miriam and she’s become a full-blown vampire queen. Spidey and Black Cat try to help Blade, but he refuses to allow help from anybody as he usually prefers to work alone.

His mentor Whistler isn’t happy about Blade wants to spare his mother’s life since he trained him to become a vampire slayer. Police detective Terri Lee also wants the vampire causing havoc in New York to be dead, believing it to be Morbius at first. She also rekindles her love with Blade in this story.

It’s interesting how this episode presents Morbius resisting the urge to devour blood from victims whilst Miriam the Vampire Queen has been causing the trouble. Miriam also reads Morbius’ mind in order to steal the neogenic recombinator so that it can transform humans into vampires to her ends.

Miriam seems to be quite a vicious female vampire, reading the minds and sucking the blood out of Debra Whitman, Flash Thompson and even Herbert Landon who’s currently in hospital. I’m surprised Miriam didn’t turn into a half-vampire, half-mutant after draining the blood from Landon in hospital.

Soon, Spider-Man, Black Cat, Terri Lee and Whistler work together to hunt Morbius before he helps them to hunt down Miriam along with Blade. Morbius gets given the serum by Whistler to stabilise his vampire condition like with Blade. Morbius still struggles though to maintain his blood lust in this.

Eventually, at a nightclub, Blade reunites with his mother before Miriam reveals her plans to transform everyone into vampires. She’s already started with those at the nightclub. Thankfully, Spider-Man and the others thwart Miriam’s plans and the victimised humans return to normality. 😀

The episode ends with Black Cat going off to join Blade’s hunt for Miriam along with Morbius. Spider-Man is pretty put out by Black Cat leaving him and Terri Lee is saddened to lose Blade again. Meanwhile, Harry Osborn may have discovered Peter Parker’s secret identity as Spdier-Man here. 😮

‘The Vampire Queen’ rating – 7/10

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