‘The Wedding’ (TV)


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Here we are on the fifth and final season of the 1990s animated ‘Spider-Man’ TV series. I was enjoying the 1990s ‘Spider-Man’ series so far and was looking forward to how it would end. And it seems we get off to a cracking good start as we begin Season 5 of ‘Spider-Man’ with a wedding here.

Yep! Peter and Mary Jane are about to get married in this episode. Aunt May even has a special gift for Peter as she decides to give him and Mary Jane the wedding rings she and Uncle Ben had when they were married. This is all at the bank here. Trouble ensues once the Scorpion makes an attack. 😮

Spidey manages to ward off the Scorpion as well as rescue Aunt May. I am a little disconcerted that Aunt May doesn’t realise that Peter is Spider-Man in the series. It would’ve been good if Aunt May found out Peter was Spidey, almost matching to how some other ‘Spider-Man’ movies have done it.

It’s also nice to see Peter and Mary Jane getting married in this episode. Had a ‘Spider-Man 5’ been made with Tobey Maguire as Peter and Kirsten Dunst as MJ, it would’ve been good to feature them getting married in that. Mind you, Mary Jane isn’t what she seems in this series, but we’ll get to that.

Mary Jane also visits Harry Osborn at the Ravencroft Institute to tell him the news that she and Peter are getting married. Liz Allan accompanies Mary Jane and it seems she has feelings for Harry here. Harry, who is still in love with Mary Jane, becomes the Green Goblin again and crashes the wedding.

Harry doesn’t do it alone. He has help from Alistair Smythe as well as the Scorpion who joins him to crash the wedding. Smythe creates and builds new Goblin Robo Warrior robots to assist Harry as the Green Goblin to crash Peter and Mary Jane’s wedding. Thankfully Spidey defeats Harry in the end. 🙂

It’s amusing how Wilson Fisk and Jameson try to sponsor Peter and Mary Jane’s wedding and are competing with each other. The episode also features Debra Whitman and Flash Thompson as well as Felicia Hardy who returns as the Black Cat. I wonder what made Felicia return to New York in this.

In the end, Peter and Mary Jane get married and are off for their honeymoon…no, not yet. That’s not until ‘The Return of Hydro-Man’. The Green Goblin in limbo also gets annoyed that his son Harry didn’t defeat Spider-Man in this story. I wonder how long the Green Goblin will be trapped in limbo.

‘The Wedding’ rating – 8/10

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