‘Tight Squeeze’ (TV)


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This ‘Spider-Man’ episode has our webslinging hero fighting against the Pterodax, a trio of former KGB agents who are battle-armoured and can fly. They’re led by Sergei (voiced by James Masters, who is so well-known for ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angels’ fame and he played Captain John Hart in ‘Torchwood’).

The other two Pterodax are Aleksei and Boris. It was fun to see Spidey tackle against these high-flying menaces. It does make it feel real when the Pterodax are using high-tech flying gear to terrorise people. Sergei does sound rather suave and menacing once he’s voiced by James Marsters.

The Pterodax interrupt a board-meeting at a building to steal some special diamonds. Thankfully, Spider-Man stops the Pterodax from stealing the diamonds but fails to catch them when he rescues someone. Later, he as Peter Parker shows photos of the Pterodax to Mr. Jameson at the Daily Bugle.

He also tries to sell a news video of Spider-Man to news channel Empire-1. When refused at first, Peter then meets Indira Daimonji – Indy to her friends (voiced by Angelle Brooks), who helps him to get his news video aired. Indy’s introduction for this ‘Spider-Man’ episode lets the series down a bit.

I mean, Indy is set up a second love interest for Peter Parker – creating a love triangle between Peter, MJ and Indy. But how it gets handled in the series is inconsistent as much as Peter and MJ’s relationship is inconsistent. For one thing, Indy is quite forward before Peter, kissing him at the end.

Secondly, MJ is actually pushing it a bit when she wants Peter to express his feelings to her. It gets complicated when MJ witnesses Indy kissing Peter and she runs away upset. Yet, by the next episode, all seems to be forgiven between Peter and MJ. Did I miss one of the episodes in the series?

Peter and Indy do get caught up as hostages when the Pterodax commandeer the newsroom at Empire-1. Thankfully, Peter uses his wits to outwit the Pterodax before he gets into his Spidey costume and rescues the hostages. He also stops the Pterodax stealing the diamonds a second time.

‘Tight Squeeze’ is another enjoyable ‘Spider-Man’ episode, sadly let down by the Peter, MJ and Indy love triangle being introduced. I appreciate the episode having more of Peter and MJ’s relationship explored, but it still felt inconsistent. I did root for Peter and MJ than I did for Peter and Indy though.

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 1 of ‘Spider-Man: The New Animated Series’, there’s a DVD audio commentary with director/executive producer Audu Paden; director Tim Eldred; actor Neil Patrick Harris who plays Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the series and executive producer/writer Morgan Gendel. There’s also an ‘Amazing Spider-Facts’ info-text commentary option to enjoy.

‘Tight Squeeze’ rating – 7/10

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