‘Tombstone’ (TV)



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This ‘Spider-Man’ episode features the return of Tombstone who appeared in ‘Tablet of Time’/’Ravages of Time’ from Season 2. This was presented as the final episode of the ‘Daredevil vs. Spider-Man’ DVD compilation. It also explores Robbie Robertson’s character linked to Tombstone. 🙂

Tombstone is like a professional thug who works for Silvermane in the 1990s animated TV series. I’ve heard about him in the comics and know that he used to torment Robbie as a teenager. Tombstone has appeared in the ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 game lately. He’s pretty menacing in the 1990s animated series.

In the episode, Tombstone works for Alisa Silvermane who now runs her dad’s business. She instructs Tombstone to stop the story being published about her running Silvermane’s business. Tombstone hopes to get a favour from Robbie Robertson working at the Daily Bugle to kill the story.

Robbie also has troubles with his son Randy, who’s joined a bunch of street gang kids who work for Tombstone. Randy is with this gang called the Bandanna Gang because he feels they’re always there for him and not his father and mother. Robbie becomes dismayed Randy has joined this street gang.

Eventually, Robbie receives a phone call from Tombstone to meet up with him about the Silvermane story. As Robbie gets in trouble with Tombstone, Spidey swing in to save him. It’s interesting how Robbie reveals to Spidey how he knew Tombstone since they’d been once buddies from so long ago.

Before he was Tombstone, he was Lonnie Lincoln. Lonnie got into trouble when caught trying to steal ice cream and Robbie got away. Lonnie attempted to get revenge back on Lonnie before he accidentally fell into a vat of toxic chemicals. This led him to become chalk-white and be Tombstone.

From watching Tombstone in the 1990s animated ‘Spider-Man’ series, he could’ve easily been voiced by Thomas F. Wilson from ‘Back to the Future’ instead of Dorian Harewood. I would like to see an interpretation of Tombstone in a ‘Spider-Man’ movie where Tom F. Wilson was playing him. 🙂

Eventually, Spidey convinces Randy that the Bandanna Gang aren’t for him and Robbie manages to overcome Tombstone, getting him arrested at the end. Overall, ‘Tombstone’ is a decent ‘Spider-Man’ episode exploring Tombstone and Robbie’s characters. Oh! Madame Webb is in this story too. 😀

‘Tombstone’ rating – 7/10

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