‘Turning Point’ (TV)


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And here we are on the finale for Season 3 of ‘Spider-Man’. For the most part, I find Season 3 to be an excellent season. It’s a season I know very well from watching many ‘Spider-Man’ DVD compilations before the 1990s animated series was released complete on DVD. It’s been so exciting!

The first time I saw ‘Turning Point’ was from watching ‘Spider-Man: The Return of the Green Goblin’ DVD. In this season finale, the Green Goblin learns the true identity of Spider-Man and that he’s actually Peter Parker. Spidey also sadly loses Mary Jane who falls off the George Washington Bridge.

The episode begins with Spidey not wanting anything more to do with Madame Webb. He considers his life to be perfect with Mary Jane and he doesn’t want to be part of the special mission Madame Webb has in mind for him. Webb warns Spidey about the consequences of the decision he’s making.

It was interesting to see how Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin talked to each other in the same room as if they were two people in one person. It’s the two Gollums scenario from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ isn’t it? The Green Goblin is so surprised and shocked to find that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Peter and Mary Jane get invited to Harry’s birthday party one evening, but it was Norman Osborn who insisted his son invite them both. This is where Peter realises that Osborn knows who he really is as Spider-Man. He soon confronts him as it soon leads to a fight on the George Washington Bridge.

The Green Goblin soon attempts to take on Aunt May’s life at Peter’s house. But once Spidey gets there, the Green Goblin changes his mind and goes after Mary Jane. The Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane and takes him to the George Washington Bridge, where she ends up lost and Spidey cannot find her.

There are echoes of the Gwen Stacey death from the comics when Spidey tries to rescue Mary Jane from the Green Goblin. Fortunately, Mary Jane doesn’t die as she ends up falling through a portal created by the Green Goblin’s time dilation accelerator. Unfortunately, Mary Jane gets lost in limbo.

Spidey/Peter doesn’t know this and thinks Mary Jane might’ve been killed. He goes out for revenge against Norman Osborn/Green Goblin who ends up falling into a portal when his glider smashes into him instead of Spidey. There are echoes of the first ‘Spider-Man’ movie too. It’s very sad by the end.

‘Turning Point’ rating – 8/10

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