‘When Sparks Fly’ (TV)


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This is a sequel to ‘The Party’! ‘When Sparks Fly’ features the return of Electro! Due to the new animated series being short-lived, I suppose it’s great to have Electro coming back twice as a main villain. Unless you also consider Silver Sable and the Pterodax in ‘Mind Games’; but that’s for later. 🙂

In the episode, two teenage boys goof about in an abandoned power plant. They stumble across a weakened Electro who tries to suck them into the power plant. Spider-Man thankfully timely arrives to save the two teens from becoming toast. Spider-Man is unaware Electro is still alive by this point.

Electro has been planning his return for quite some time and he sets his sights on a girl called Sally (voiced by Julie Nathanson). Sally was the girl at the fraternity party in…‘The Party’ at the time Max Dillon became Electro. Sally becomes unnerved once she has this mysterious message on her laptop.

This is during a chemistry class run by Professor Williams (voiced by Cree Summer) at ESU. Sally later sees an eerie vision of Electro when he’s appearing on her TV screen in her room whilst studying. Electro has come back to claim Sally since he loves her and wants them to be together as a couple. 😐

Electro does ‘trial runs’ before he can turn Sally into an electrical being like him and he starts off with Professor Williams. Spidey thankfully manages to stop Electro and although Professor Williams received a high voltage, she eventually recovers. But it’s not very long before Electro comes for Sally.

Peter/Spidey, MJ and Harry work together in order to find a way to save Sally from the fate Electro has in mind for her. It’s pretty tense when Electro is almost killing Sally in the attempts to turn her into a being like him. Thankfully Spidey has this electrical storage container to trap Electro forever. 🙂

It’s trial and error, but Spidey defeats Electro in the end. It’s also interesting how Harry eventually helps Spidey, despite his belief that he killed his father. At the end of the episode, Harry isn’t sure what to make of Spider-Man anymore. Maybe he might change his mind about Spider-Man after all.

Oh by the way, Harry gets a new girlfriend in Francesca who can’t speak English. 😀 Overall, ‘When Sparks Fly’ is a good follow-up to Electro’s story in ‘The Party’ and it’s nice to have that sense of closure in the TV series. Who knows what will occur for Spidey next after his escapades with Electro?

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 2 of ‘Spider-Man: The New Animated Series’, there’s a DVD audio commentary with director/executive producer Audu Paden, editor Bruce King and composer Will Anderson. There’s also an ‘Amazing Spider-Facts’ info-text commentary option to enjoy.

‘When Sparks Fly’ rating – 8/10

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