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Celebrating 55 Years of ‘Doctor Who’ #1

Hello everyone! 🙂

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It’s the 55th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ this year in 2018! I’m celebrating this November by looking into all of the Doctors in the show’s history and share a review on a particular story featuring a certain incarnation of the Doctor. This will cover the 14 widely accepted Doctors on TV and some ambiguous ones. Continue reading

More ‘Doctor Who’ Reviews

day of the daleks dvd doctor who series 3 dvd new doctor who series 7 2014 dvd doctor who series 8 dvd

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ve added more reviews to my ‘Doctor Who Reviews’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. These are the reviews on the TV episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ that I’ve reviewed recently on my ‘Doctor Who: The Complete History’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. The stories from those pages of my ‘Complete History’ have their own individual page for reading and commenting on. Continue reading