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Quick ‘Time-Flight’ Notes

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Here’s another few quick notes on my blog. Continue reading

‘Kamelion Tales’ – ‘Doctor Who’ DVD Reviews


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Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

Today, I’ve posted my DVD reviews on the two ‘Doctor Who’ stories from the ‘Kamelion Tales’ DVD box set! These stories star Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor with Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough, Nicola Bryant as Peri and Anthony Ainley as the Master! Continue reading

What do I like about the Fifth Doctor era?

fifth doctor

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

Here’s a re-posting of my blog article, ‘What do I like about the Fifth Doctor era?’. I originally posted this article in October 2015 when I was setting up my blog. In celebration of seeing Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton at the ‘York Unleashed’ event this coming weekend, here’s the article for you to enjoy! Continue reading

Quick ‘Doctor Who’ DVD Reviews – ‘Longleat ‘83’

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I’ve seen two birthday presents I had from my parents last month in May!

These are two DVDs focusing on the famous (or infamous) two-day ‘Doctor Who’ convention held in Longleat in April 1983 to celebrate 20 years of the show. Those of you who remember Longleat in 1983 will know what the convention was like and that it was a crowded event with a lot of things going on. Continue reading

Week 15 – ‘The Nyssa Challenge’


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This week on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’, it’s the finale to Season 19! The Doctor; Nyssa and Tegan board a Concorde plane and travel back in time and face the menace of Kalid in ‘Time-Flight’. 🙂 Continue reading

Week 3 – ‘The Nyssa Challenge’


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Week 3 of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ today and it’s all about recursion! We begin Peter Davison’s first season as the Fifth Doctor in his debut adventure called ‘Castrovalva’. 🙂

Please see my link for ‘Castrovalva’ here. Continue reading

Week 2 – ‘The Nyssa Challenge’


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It’s Week 2 of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ today! It’s the end…but the moment has been prepared for. It’s time for Tom Baker’s swansong story as the Fourth Doctor in ‘Logopolis’.  🙂 Continue reading

DVD review – ‘The Caves of Androzani’ (Doctor Who)

the caves of androzani dvd1

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Here on ‘Bradley’s Basement’, I’ve uploaded my latest ‘Doctor Who’ DVD review on ‘The Caves of Androzani’ starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri. This is the final adventure featuring Peter Davison’s Doctor by Robert Holmes and directed by Graeme Harper. Continue reading