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‘Doctor Who’ Marathon – ‘Asylum of the Daleks’

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Series 7 of ‘Doctor Who’ begins today as I share my review on ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ with Matt Smith’s Doctor, Amy and Rory. This episode also features the debut appearance of Jenna-Louise Coleman in ‘Doctor Who’. But she’s not playing Clara Oswald yet in this. She’s playing Oswin Oswald instead. Confused? Continue reading

Series 7 of ‘Doctor Who’ with Matt Smith

Doctor Who Series 7 2014 dvd

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ve added all of my DVD reviews on Series 7 of ‘Doctor Who’ on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. This includes reviews on the thirteen episodes from Series 7 and the 2012 Christmas Special called ‘The Snowmen’. Continue reading