Quick ‘Black Orchid’ Note

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What do I like about the Fifth Doctor era?

fifth doctor

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Here’s a re-posting of my blog article, ‘What do I like about the Fifth Doctor era?’. I originally posted this article in October 2015 when I was setting up my blog. In celebration of seeing Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton at the ‘York Unleashed’ event this coming weekend, here’s the article for you to enjoy! Continue reading

Tim’s Nostalgia Trip


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Last Wednesday, I did my second music presentation at the ‘Newport Music Society’ for Christmas! It was called ‘Tim’s Nostalgia Trip’! I enjoyed doing my presentation so much and everyone else who attended enjoyed it too. There was a variety of some of my music favourites to enjoy! Continue reading

WOTCHA – ‘Nyssa’s Test Tubes’

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I’d like to share a few thoughts on an interesting theory made about Nyssa and Ann Talbot in ‘Black Orchid’ by the Watcher in the latest issue of ‘Doctor Who Magazine’. In the ‘WOTCHA!’ feature in the back of issue #506 of ‘DWM’, it’s been theorised Nyssa and Ann swapped places at the story’s conclusion. Continue reading

The Crowded TARDIS

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This is a response to the DVD special feature called ‘The Crowded TARDIS’ on the ‘Castrovalva’ DVD from the ‘New Beginnings’ DVD box set of ‘Doctor Who’. This short documentary focuses on the TARDIS team of Season 19 from the classic series, including the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Adric.

In this article, I will be sharing my thoughts and feelings of the Season 19 TARDIS team and identifying what the strengths and weaknesses of the team were. This will be an enjoyable article for me to write and I hope to make reference to the Big Finish audios and books as well as the TV series. Continue reading

Week 11 – ‘The Nyssa Challenge’

Black Orchid DVD UK cover  black orchid audio

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It’s time for cricket; a fancy dress ball and a spot of murder! This week on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’, the Doctor; Nyssa and Tegan visit Cranleigh Hall in my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘Black Orchid’! 🙂

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6th Anniversary – My 1st Meeting With Sarah Sutton

Tim Bradley with Sarah Sutton at ‘Fifth Element’, Chiswick, London, February 2010

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Today is a special day for me. It was six years ago on the 7th of February that I met my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion Sarah Sutton as Nyssa of Traken with Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor. I’m gobsmacked that it was six years ago in 2010 and I’m pleased I’ve met Sarah at these conventions. Continue reading