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DVD/Blu-ray Special Features Reviews via ‘Doctor Who – The Collection – Doctor Who Magazine 40th Anniversary Disc’

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“Merry Christmas Sarah!”

I was happy to get the ‘Doctor Who – The Collection’ DVD from the 40th anniversary issue of ‘Doctor Who Magazine’ back in October 2019! It was worth getting and a joy! It had ‘Doctor Who’ DVD/Blu-ray special features with Sarah Sutton, my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion and best friend at conventions, in them. Continue reading

‘Doctor Who Magazine’ Review – Issue #110 with Sarah Sutton

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This is a collector’s item worth having and I’m very pleased that I purchased it from Amazon.co.uk!

As you may (or may not) know from my ‘Nyssa Challenge’ reviews, I’m a huge fan of Sarah Sutton/Nyssa of Traken in ‘Doctor Who’. Over the years, I’ve been collecting memorabilia of Sarah/Nyssa. These include photographs, rare autographs and some items that are related to Sarah. Continue reading

New ‘Alien Heart’/’Dalek Soul’ Photo From ‘Doctor Who Magazine’

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This is something for me to get really excited about!

I’ve just seen this new photo of Sarah Sutton/Nyssa with director Ken Bentley, Nicholas Briggs/Voice of the Daleks and Peter Davison/Fifth Doctor during the recording of ‘Alien Heart’/’Dalek Soul’! This was found in the pages of the latest issue of ‘Doctor Who Magazine’ – Issue #510 to be exact really. Continue reading

New ‘Waters of Amsterdam’ Photo

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I went to town yesterday and purchased the 2017 Yearbook of ‘Doctor Who Magazine’. Not something I would normally do, but I saw this lovely new behind-the-scenes photo of ‘The Waters of Amsterdam’ that I’d never seen before! Continue reading

WOTCHA – ‘Nyssa’s Test Tubes’

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I’d like to share a few thoughts on an interesting theory made about Nyssa and Ann Talbot in ‘Black Orchid’ by the Watcher in the latest issue of ‘Doctor Who Magazine’. In the ‘WOTCHA!’ feature in the back of issue #506 of ‘DWM’, it’s been theorised Nyssa and Ann swapped places at the story’s conclusion. Continue reading