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Movie Review – ‘Lady and the Tramp’ (2019)

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Well, I didn’t think I would do it, but now I have. I’ve subscribed to Disney+. This is because I want to check out certain things that are currently only available on Disney+, including the latest live-action ‘Star Wars’ show ‘The Mandalorian’. Hopefully after this review, I’ll be seeing that show very soon. 🙂 Continue reading

DVD review – ‘Star Trek: Insurrection’


Hello everyone! 🙂

Here we are on the third ‘Star Trek’ movie featuring ‘The Next Generation’ team! This is also the penultimate instalment of the ten-movie series that I’ve been reviewing as part of my celebration of the 50th anniversary of ‘Star Trek’ on my blog. I’m re-watching and reviewing the first ten ‘Star Trek’ movies from ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ to ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’. Continue reading