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Novelization/Audiobook review – ‘Doctor Who – The Massacre’


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Today, I’ve added my review on the novelization/audiobook called ‘Doctor Who – The Massacre’ by John Lucarotti. This is a novelization (sort of) on the ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve’, featuring the First Doctor and Steven Taylor. The audiobook is read by Peter Purves, who played Steven Taylor in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series. Continue reading

Historical Adventures with ‘Doctor Who’

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Today, I’ve posted three new ‘Doctor Who’ reviews on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. These are three historical adventures from the 1960s, currently available as audio soundtracks since the original TV episodes are missing from the BBC archives. Continue reading

The TARDIS, Marco Polo, the Voord and the Aztecs with William Hartnell

edgeofdestruction Marco Polo CD Cover keysofmarinus

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Today, I’ve posted four new ‘Doctor Who’ reviews starring William Hartnell as the Doctor. Continue reading