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‘Doctor Who’ Marathon – ‘Kill The Moon’

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We now come to what I consider to be my least favourite episode of Series 8 of ‘Doctor Who’, despite the good performances by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman as their characters. This is ‘Kill The Moon’ by Peter Harness and it turns out the Earth’s moon happens to be…an egg with an alien creature inside. (about to do a facepalm, but doesn’t bother) Continue reading

Series 8 of ‘Doctor Who’ with Peter Capaldi

doctor who series 8 dvd

Hello everyone! 🙂

With the latest news that Peter Capaldi is now leaving ‘Doctor Who’ and with Series 10 on its way next month in April, I’ve now added my DVD reviews on Series 8 on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. Series 8 is Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Twelfth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ and was shown in 2014. It also stars Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald, the Twelfth Doctor’s companion for Series 8. Continue reading