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Season 19 of ‘Doctor Who’ with Peter Davison on Blu-ray #3

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It’s time for the third story of Season 19 of ‘Doctor Who’! Today we look at my updated review on ‘Kinda’, the first of the ‘Mara Tales’ and a four-part adventure where the Doctor and friends visit the planet Deva-Loka where they encounter the evil snake-like Mara. Sadly Nyssa is not in this tale a lot. Continue reading

New Photos and Updates on ‘Nyssa Challenge’ Reviews

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I’ve been revisiting some of my ‘Nyssa Challenge’ reviews lately and I’ve added some new photos of me meeting some of the stars of those stories from ‘Doctor Who’. These include posed photographs with the stars, as well as some signed photos by the actors of their characters featured in the stories. Continue reading

Would ‘Kinda’ work with Nyssa in it?

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Here’s something to add to this week on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’. These are extra thoughts on how I feel about ‘Kinda’ and what I think would make it better if Sarah Sutton as Nyssa was in the story. Continue reading

Week 7 – ‘The Nyssa Challenge’


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It’s time to face ‘the Dark Places of the Inside’! This week on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’, we visit the world of Deva-Loka where the menace of the Mara is about to begin in ‘Kinda’. 🙂

Continue reading