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Bonus Week – ‘The Nyssa Challenge’

dimensions in time cover

Hello everyone! 🙂

Yes! It’s ‘Dimensions in Time’ for this final and bonus week on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ today! 🙂

Do I have to review this story, you ask? Yes! Of course I have to! I want to! Why, you ask? Because it’s ‘Doctor Who’; it’s the 30th anniversary special of 1993 and it features Sarah Sutton as Nyssa in it, of course!  I hope you’ll enjoy my thoughts on this story. Continue reading

DVD review – ‘The Ambassadors of Death’ (Doctor Who)

the ambassadors of death dvd

Hello everyone! 🙂

Today, I’ve posted my ‘Doctor Who’ DVD review on ‘The Ambassadors of Death’ starring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, Caroline John as Liz Shaw and Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier. This ‘Doctor Who’ story is the third one shown on TV during Season 7 of the classic series. Continue reading

‘Mannequin Mania’ – ‘Doctor Who’ DVD reviews

spearhead from space dvd2 terror of the autons dvd

Hello everyone! 🙂

Today on ‘Bradley’s Basement’, I’ve uploaded my ‘Doctor Who’ DVD review on the two stories from the ‘Mannequin Mania’ DVD box set. Continue reading

New ‘Doctor Who’ Timelines for August 2016

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ve added six new ‘Doctor Who Timelines’ to my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog for August 2016. Please feel free to check them out as I’ve added two of each for companions, monsters and allies! Continue reading

The Companion Chronicles (‘Doctor Who’) – Series 1

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ve posted my CD reviews of the four audio adventures in Series 1 of the Companion Chronicles of ‘Doctor Who’ by Big Finish. Continue reading

Graphic Novel Review – ‘Prisoners of Time’ (Doctor Who)

prisoners of time

Hello everyone! 🙂

As part of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ this week, here is my review on the graphic novel called ‘Prisoners of Time’. This celebrates the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ and features the first eleven Doctors. Continue reading