Book Reviews – ‘The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who’

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We continue this year’s ‘Nyssa Challenge’ mini review season by looking into another collection of ‘Doctor Who’ short stories. Today, we look at ‘The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who’. This is a collection of 15 short stories as well as 15 essays looking into the scientific aspects of the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series. Continue reading

‘Doctor Who’ reviews – Say “Hello!” to Erimem

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Here on ‘Bradley’s Basement’, I’ve posted my three new CD reviews on three Big Finish audio stories introducing Caroline Morris as Erimem in ‘Doctor Who’. Erimem is a Pharoah from Ancient Egypt who joins Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri in the TARDIS. Continue reading

‘Project: Nirvana’ and ‘Protect and Survive’

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Today, I’ve posted two ‘Doctor Who’ reviews on two Seventh Doctor audio adventures on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. These include ‘Project: Nirvana’ and ‘Protect and Survive’!

‘Project: Nirvana’ is a ‘Companion Chronicle’ adventure with Lysandra Aristedes and Sally Morgan with the Seventh Doctor. ‘Protect and Survive’ is an audio adventure with Ace and Hex without the Seventh Doctor! Continue reading

‘Doctor Who’ stories with the Forge

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Today, there are three new ‘Doctor Who’ reviews on three stories available on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. They have one thing in common – the Forge! Check out these three new reviews by me on the three Forge stories. Continue reading

‘Destiny of the Doctor’ review – ‘Night of the Whisper’


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It’s the 1st of April today!

It’s time to celebrate the Ninth Doctor era of ‘Doctor Who’ for the 50th anniversary!

Here on ‘Bradley’s Basement’, we continue to look into the ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ audio series from Big Finish and AudioGo in 2013. Today, my review on the ninth story, ‘Night of the Whisper’ with the Ninth Doctor; Rose and Captain Jack, is now online. 🙂 Continue reading