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‘Soldiers of Love’ review – ‘Genesis’

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Get your remotes ready! It’s MJTV time! 😀

Welcome to MJTV Time! This is a new segment on my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog for the Easter holidays where I will be sharing my reviews on the 14-part audio series from MJTV Productions called ‘Soldiers of Love’. This CD series has stars from ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Blake’s 7’ and ‘Eastenders’ in it. Continue reading

‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 1 & 2 REVIEWED

keeping up appearances series 1&2

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ve now added my reviews on Series 1 & 2 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’.

I’m looking forward to watching the rest of this TV comedy series as I go through watching Series 3 & 4 next. Continue reading