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Season 24 of ‘Doctor Who’ with Sylvester McCoy on Blu-ray #2

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We continue this week’s look into Season 24 of ‘Doctor Who’ on Blu-ray with Sylvester McCoy by taking a look at the second story of the season called ‘Paradise Towers’. This is one of my favourite stories of the season, featuring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor, Bonnie Langford as Mel and special guest star Richard Briers as the Chief Caretaker! Continue reading

The Rani, Caretakers and Bannermen with Sylvester McCoy

time and the rani dvd delta and the bannermen dvd

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Today, I’ve posted three new reviews on the first three ‘Doctor Who’ TV stories starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor with Bonnie Langford as Mel. Continue reading