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Quick TV Episode Review – ‘Grantchester’, Series 1, Episode 5

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We’re back with another episode from Series 1 of ‘Grantchester’. Series 1, Episode 5 was engaging to watch and it was interesting to see how James Norton as Sidney Chambers isn’t the clear-cut vicar character he’s made out to be, even when he’s a detective. He can have his flaws and not be perfect. Continue reading

‘Project: Nirvana’ and ‘Protect and Survive’

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Today, I’ve posted two ‘Doctor Who’ reviews on two Seventh Doctor audio adventures on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. These include ‘Project: Nirvana’ and ‘Protect and Survive’! Continue reading

CD review – ‘Dark Eyes’ (Doctor Who)

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My CD review of the first ‘Dark Eyes’ box set in ‘Doctor Who’ by Big Finish is now on ‘Bradley’s Basement’! This is where a new chapter of the Eighth Doctor’s life begins in Big Finish. Continue reading