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Book Reviews – ‘Short Trips: Companions’ (Doctor Who) UPDATED

Short Trips Companions


Hello everyone! 🙂

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And welcome to ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ mini-review season from December 2021 to January 2022! We’ve had some new Big Finish audios featuring Sarah Sutton in 2021 including ‘The Lost Resort and Other Stories’ and ‘The War Master’ story ‘Killing Time’. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on those audios as we go from the Christmas period of 2021 leading into the New Year of 2022. Continue reading

‘The Toy’ released by Big Finish and MORE


Hello everyone! 🙂

Here’s a quick announcement. Today ‘The Toy’ has now been released as an audio download by Big Finish on their website as part of their new ‘Short Trips Rarities’ range. ‘The Toy’ is a Short Trip audio read by Sarah Sutton and it was first released to subscribers of ‘Doctor Who: The Complete History’. Continue reading