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Blu-ray review – ‘The Abominable Snowmen’ (Doctor Who)

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As promised, here’s my updated review on the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘The Abominable Snowmen’. This updated review is based on the latest in a line of mostly missing black-and-white ‘Doctor Who’ TV stories from the 1960s that have been animated on DVD and Blu-ray for today. The story stars Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, Frazer Hines as Jamie and Deborah Watling as Victoria. Continue reading

Four ‘Doctor Who’ reviews with Patrick Troughton

The Abominable Snowmen CD Cover Doctor-who-the-ice-warriors-dvd  web-of-fear-dvd300

Hello everyone! 🙂

Today, I’ve posted four new DVD reviews on four ‘Doctor Who’ stories starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, Frazer Hines as Jamie and Deborah Watling as Victoria. Continue reading