‘Doctor Who – The 10 Christmas Specials’ on Blu-ray #5

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The Christmas tree has been taken down in the house where I live. How sad is that?

Anyway, I’m continuing to watch the rest of the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Specials in the Blu-ray box set this week. There will be delay in me adding my review on the ‘Doctor Who’ story called ‘A Christmas Carol’ after this blog post. I hope I’ll add my review on the episode within two days’ time.

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Before ‘World Enough and Time’

the-tenth-planet-dvd dwmr034_spareparts_1417_cover_large series 3 volume 4 dvd the end of time dvd cover

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Tomorrow’s ‘Doctor Who’ episode on TV is set to be exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing the return of the Mondasian Cybermen as well as the return of John Simm’s Master in the season finale of Series 10. Continue reading

Three special ‘Doctor Who’ reviews with David Tennant

the complete specials dvd new

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Today, I’ve posted three new DVD reviews on three ‘Doctor Who’ stories starring David Tennant as the Doctor. Continue reading