‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ So Far…

Hello everyone! 🙂

You probably know about this already. But in case you haven’t, I’ve been adding my fan-fiction series of ‘Doctor Who’ stories to my ‘Bradley’s Basement’. These stories feature the Fifth Doctor with his companions Nyssa of Traken and Billy Walker. This series is called ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’. Continue reading


Short Trip – ‘The Victorian Vampires’

4. The Victorian Vampires - Copy - Copy

Hello everyone! 🙂

As promised, here’s the first of two new ‘Doctor Who’ short stories added to my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog via the ‘Short Trips by Tim Bradley’ page. It’s also been added to ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ series, as this first ‘Short Trip’ by me features the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy in it! Continue reading