Celebrating 50 Years of ‘Doctor Who’

50th anniversary DVD

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My DVD reviews on the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ are available to check out on my blog. These include DVD reviews on the stories featured in the ’50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition DVD’ of ‘Doctor Who’.

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‘The Three Doctors’ and ‘Carnival of Monsters’ with Jon Pertwee

the three doctors dvd carnival of monsters dvd

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Today, I’ve posted two new DVD reviews on two ‘Doctor Who’ stories with Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant. Continue reading

Series 7 of ‘Doctor Who’ with Matt Smith

Doctor Who Series 7 2014 dvd

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I’ve added all of my DVD reviews on Series 7 of ‘Doctor Who’ on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. This includes reviews on the thirteen episodes from Series 7 and the 2012 Christmas Special called ‘The Snowmen’. Continue reading

Book/Audio Review – ‘Last of the Gaderene’ (Doctor Who)

last-of-the-gaderene-2013 last-of-the-gaderene-cd

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Today I’ve added my book/audio review on the ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘Last of the Gaderene’! This is a Third Doctor adventure in book form and was chosen for the 50th anniversary collection of ‘Doctor Who’ books to represent the Third Doctor era! The story features the Third Doctor with Jo Grant, the Brigadier, Mike Yates, Sergeant Benton and U.N.I.T.! 🙂 Continue reading

Zygon Reviews with Tom Baker

terror-of-the-zygons-dvd dw4d308_zygonhunt_1417_cover_large

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Here I bring you two of my latest ‘Doctor Who’ reviews on ‘Bradley’s Basement’ featuring the Zygons. These are shape-shifting monsters that were created by Robert Banks Stewart in 1975. Continue reading

New ‘Doctor Who’ Timelines for November 2016

Doctor Who Timelines

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I’ve added some new ‘Doctor Who Timelines’ to my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog for November 2016. Please feel free to check them out as I’ve added new timelines for two Sixth Doctor companions and for another ally in the history of ‘Doctor Who’! Continue reading

‘U.N.I.T. Files’ – ‘Doctor Who’ DVD Reviews

  invasion-of-the-dinosaurs-dvd-cover the-android-invasion-dvd

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Today, I’ve posted two new DVD reviews on two ‘Doctor Who’ stories from the ‘U.N.I.T. Files’ DVD box set. The stories star Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor and Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. Continue reading