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Quick DVD Review – ‘The Doctors: The Paul McGann Years’

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Here we are on the last set of ‘Myth Makers’ interviews compilation DVDs that I had for Christmas 2020. This time, it’s ‘The Doctors: The Paul McGann Years’! It’s unusual as Paul McGann had a short TV tenure playing the Eighth Doctor with doing ‘The TV Movie’ in 1996. But of course, a lot has happened since then as Paul has done plenty of Big Finish audios and did ‘The Night of the Doctor’. 🙂 Continue reading

DVD review – ‘The TV Movie’ (Doctor Who)

the tv movie dvd special edition

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I’ve now added my latest ‘Doctor Who’ DVD review on ‘The TV Movie’ starring Paul McGann as the Doctor, Daphne Ashbrook as Grace and Eric Roberts as the Master. Continue reading

CD review – ‘The Worlds of Doctor Who’


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Today, my review of the Big Finish audio story called ‘The Worlds of Doctor Who’ is now online! This is an exciting four-episode story featuring four distinct spin-off shows of ‘Doctor Who’ in Big Finish audio. This includes ‘Jago & Litefoot’; ‘Counter-Measures’; the U.N.I.T. Vault and ‘Gallifrey’. It also features an appearance of Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor in the fourth episode of this epic four-part audio story. Continue reading