‘Merry Christmas From The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy’ – Introduction


Welcome to ‘Merry Christmas From The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy’ of ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ series!

This four-episode anthology came about because I wanted to write a Christmas episode of ‘Doctor Who’ with the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy every year whilst I was writing my fan-fiction series. Eventually, what I came up with were four distinctive single-episode stories with a Christmas theme.

I would like to make this as a tribute to the Big Finish audio anthologies of ‘Doctor Who’ that I like with the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa including ‘Circular Time’ and ‘The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories’. It was through those mini-stories that I came to love the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa on TV and audio.

I hope you’ll enjoy these Christmas episodes with the Doctor, Nyssa and Billy by me (and occasionally co-written by my best mate from school Stephen Buckley). These episodes will be released on my blog annually for the next few years and I’m sure you’ll find each story very entertaining.


This first episode of the anthology is a ghost story set at a country hall in 1930s England. The story is based on a sketch Stephen and I did from a ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ episode. This is why I’ve credited the episode as from a story by Tim Bradley and Stephen Buckley, as Stephen does deserve some of the credit.

The story is also inspired by me from watching a 1967 episode of the BBC sitcom ‘All Gas & Gaiters’ called ‘The Bishop Sees a Ghost’. Seeing the episode helped me to create the spooky atmosphere of the ghost appearing in the story and when our heroes and guest characters drive the story forward.

By the way, the Florentine Diamond featured in the story was a real diamond that was lost during the early 20th century. Its disappearance is currently in dispute, and whilst this is not an entirely historically accurate account of the diamond’s disappearance, it provides the story’s entertainment.

The supporting characters featured in this episode are mostly created by Stephen from our ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ sketch. There’s Professor Albert Rogers, his sister Mabel, Mr. MacDougall the Scotsman and Mr. Bergo the Norwegian created by Stephen. Beeston’s mannerisms were also from Stephen.

‘The Ghost of Leckwick’ underwent many rewrites after I initially wrote the episode in 2010. I rewrote the episode before writing up ‘The Pantomime of Death’ with Stephen in 2011 and rewrote the episode for a quality check before ‘Winter’s End’ in 2015. I hope you find the result entertaining!

TIM BRADLEY, December 2016.

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Tim Bradley with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton at ‘H-Con’, Eastleigh, Hampshire, July 2015

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