‘The Jarillion Mercy’ (Audio)


Sarah Sutton as Asaria and the voyages of the starship Jarillion

I enjoyed ‘The Jarillion Mercy’ very much!

This is an audiobook CD read by the lovely Sarah Sutton. I purchased this audiobook on Amazon in May 2013. I was looking for some non-‘Doctor Who’ related works with Sarah in them and I’m glad I found this CD on Amazon. It was such a pleasure to hear this and Sarah is so lovely when she reads.

‘The Jarillion Mercy’ is by Rob Brown and was especially written for Sarah Sutton. It is taken in the form of a monologue about a starship captain called Asaria as she recollects her memories in a log entry of a tragic incident between two warring planets and how her ship the Jarillion was involved.

There is an element of ‘Star Trek’ featured in this story. Asaria’s log entry is about a conflict that she and her crew witnessed between the two planets Lomna Alpha and Lomna Gamma. She makes this recording to let out her anxiety about whether she made the right choice during these tragic events.

I’ve had the CD cover of ‘The Jarillion Mercy’ signed by Sarah Sutton at a convention in Milton Keynes in November 2014. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sarah at conventions and she’s always pleased to see me. She remembers recording this audiobook which I was amazed and pleased about.

sarah jarillion

Sarah is my favourite actress, best known as Nyssa in ‘Doctor Who’. I’ve enjoyed watching and listening to Sarah in the TV/audio stories as Nyssa. I’ve also enjoyed Sarah’s other works including ‘The Moon Stallion’ and ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ on TV and ‘Wirrn: Race Memory’ on audio.

This audiobook was a delight to listen as Sarah gets to read the story and is the centre of attention. Sarah has done plenty of audio dramas in ‘Doctor Who’ and has done a Companion Chronicle called ‘The Darkening Eye’. I knew that I would enjoy this audiobook and it was engaging to listen to Sarah.

Sarah told me how reluctant she was to do this audiobook. Sarah’s not crazy about science-fiction and I can understand that as she prefers doing the historical stories of ‘Doctor Who’ and period-styled dramas. But she eventually agreed to do this audiobook as she was persuaded by Rob Brown.

I informed Sarah that I find her voice beautiful when she reads and that hearing her voice on audio was like music to my ears. Sarah and I laughed and joked about it afterwards. Sarah was like, “I’m a little worried about you, Tim.” and I replied, “What do you mean?!” Sarah really appreciates my enthusiasm for her as her fan!


I found the CD cover and the sleeve notes helpful to refer when listening to the story. I was able to keep note of the names of characters and planets and their backgrounds. I also liked Sarah Sutton’s mini-biography as its lovely and it’s helpful for those who want to know who Sarah is as an actress.

I also liked the profile pictures of Sarah Sutton as Asaria on the front and back of the CD cover. Sarah looks amazing as a starship captain and the pictures are very complimentary for her. I liked Sarah as Asaria holding a scanner and what looks like a wand (or it could be Sarah’s sonic screwdriver, ha, ha).

I also liked the ‘track list’ on the sleeve notes as it helped me to keep ‘track’ (no pun intended) of what’s going on in this story. The listings though aren’t correct as there are 9 tracks instead of 6. The chapters are quite lengthy but Sarah describes each scene between characters with flawless beauty.

I liked the theme music at the beginning and end of the story as it’s quite catchy to listen to. There isn’t any sound design to add to the story which is a shame as it would have helped the average listener to pay attention. But Sarah still managed to keep my interest as she was reading the story.

As this story is a monologue, there isn’t a lot of interacting dialogue between the characters as Sarah reads this from Asaria’s perspective. The story is very sci-fi and quite horrific as it focuses on Asaria’s thoughts and feelings in how she deals with situations and interacts with the other characters in this.

Much like Nyssa, Asaria gets express her caring and compassionate side and she admits her annoyance about whenever members of her crew don’t seem to care like she does. I liked how she recollects her daddy when she was a little girl and she sometimes gets upset when she misses him.

The crew of the starship Jarillion is as follows. As well as Asaria, there’s also Webber; Vallendon; Saunders; Jen; Rassic and Phelparr. All crewmembers have varying personalities and characteristics.

Webber is Asaria’s second-in-command aboard the starship Jarillion. At the moment, he’s recovering from a nervous breakdown and was once a father before he lost his daughter. I liked how Asaria relies on Webber as her confidante when she wants to hear advice from him and seems fond of him.

Saunders is a bitter and belligerent female crewmember who is ex-military and doesn’t get on with anyone. I liked how Asaria reflects on how she gets frustrated with Saunders and when she refuses to take orders from her. She mentions she doesn’t like her when she fails to make friends with her.

There’s also Vallendon, the Jarillion’s pilot; Jen, the Jarillion’s nurse and two alien crewmembers including Rassic (a crustacean) and Phelparr (a reptilian). There’s also Globe, the ship’s computer, who is obsessed and wants to provoke a war which gets Asaria and everyone else pretty annoyed by.

The climax to this story is intense to listen to and is well-read by Sarah. The moment towards the end where Asaria sees the baby-like creature and she wants to mother it was very touching to hear.


‘The Jarillion Mercy’ was a very interesting story for Sarah to do and as I said before she’s not really into science-fiction. I would like to hear Sarah read a period piece of storytelling someday in the style of Jane Austen and Agatha Christie. Whether she’ll get to do something like that I really don’t know.

I was hoping that Sarah would have her own spin-off series as Asaria of the Jarillion. But it seem didn’t happen like that which is a shame. I would have liked to hear more adventures of Asaria and the Jarillion and enjoy listening to them, though I would prefer them to be as full-cast audio dramas.

This happens to be the third adventure in ‘The Jarillion Epic’. I don’t know where the first two adventures are.


‘The Jarillion Mercy’ is a pleasurable and enjoyable audiobook to listen. It was lovely to hear Sarah’s voice as she read this audiobook. I hope there are more audio CDs like this with Sarah out there. I need to find out about the radio plays that Sarah did in the 70s and 80s and whether they’re available.

For Nyssa fans and certainly for Sarah Sutton fans, this is definitely an audiobook for you!

‘The Jarillion Mercy’ rating – 9/10

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3 Responses to ‘The Jarillion Mercy’ (Audio)

  1. captshade says:

    You gonna share how she was convinced to do the audio, despite her reluctance? And what she thought of the story? And what it was like working for Rob, who himself is a major SS fan? Rob’s a bit tight lipped on the whole thing.

    Also, the first two chapters were never published. Rob was gonna get Ms. Sutton to do the 4th chapter, as well. And was, supposedly in negotiations with her. But funding, fell through. And he’s rather given up, on the whole thing.

    As far as the track list, goes. It’s 9 tracks, counting music tracks, and split tracks:
    01 The Jarillion Mercy Opening (MusicTrack 01)
    02 Asaria Recalls (Story Track 01)
    03 Approaching Lomna (Story Track 02)
    04 Lomna Gamma (Story Track 03)
    05 Kom Arrives (Story Track 04)
    06 The Enemy Within (Story Track 05a)
    07 The Enemy Without (Story Track 05b)
    08 Revelations and Confrontations (Story Track 06)
    09 The Jarillion Mercy Closing (Music Track 02)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley says:

    Hi Johnny!

    Glad you enjoyed my review on ‘The Jarillion Mercy’.

    I’m not exactly sure why Sarah was reluctant to do this audiobook initially or what it was like for her to work for Rob Brown. All I know, from my conversation with Sarah about this story, is that Rob had asked Sarah a number of times to do this audiobook and every time she said ‘no’. Eventually she gave in.

    I guess that Sarah’s not used to and nervous about doing full-length audiobooks as someone like Sophie Aldred is. I think she prefers interactive full-cast audio dramas compared to doing audiobooks on her own. I think she also prefers doing short stories like the two Short Trips she’s done for Big Finish recently. It’ll be interesting to find out what her reading of ‘The Moon Stallion’ audiobook is like. Sarah isn’t confident she’s good in it, but I’m sure she is. I can’t wait for ‘The Moon Stallion’ audiobook to come soon.

    Thanks for your interesting information about the other chapters in the ‘Jarillion’ saga. No wonder I couldn’t find the first two chapters. I didn’t realise they hadn’t been published. Interesting that there was going to be a fourth chapter and Rob was in negotiations with Sarah on that. I didn’t know about that. I would have liked to have heard another audiobook with Sarah in the ‘Jarilion’ saga.

    I’ve noticed that Rob Brown isn’t on the ‘NYSSA OF TRAKEN AND SARAH SUTTON FAN GROUP’ on Facebook, as he was there for a time when I joined.

    Thanks for the track list of ‘The Jarillion Mercy’ you’ve given in your post. That’s most helpful. Yes, I can see that tracks on the CD sleeve notes were for the story and didn’t have the open and end music tracks on it. It’s a shame those theme music tracks aren’t on my CD sleeve notes as it would have lessened the confusion when hearing the story.

    Thanks for your comments, Johnny. I enjoyed reading them.

    BTW, Leigh (IWishIHadATardis) likes your hotel designs for ‘The Space Hotel’ in my blog post here – https://bradleybasement.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/the-space-hotel-hotel-designs/

    Thanks again.

    Tim. 🙂


  3. captshade says:

    As much, as I’m glad she eventually did the audio. I’m a bit surprised she put up with the pestering, let alone gave it to it. Now I can see why Rob wouldn’t tell me how he got her to do it.

    She could have also been nervous to work for one of her “superfans”. Better to have other cast members there, to get between us obsessed/infatuated/smitten superfans, and her.

    Well, he’s a bit pessimistic, and easily depressed. And he feels that return of “Doctor Who” (which he calls a remake/reboot. And specifically “whoremake”, which can be read two ways), and the Big Finish audios, to be betrayals of the memory of the original series. And, in particular, the audios are a mockery of the “real Nyssa”.

    Now, while, I’ve always put the audios, and books), into their own universes, than the TV show, for many reasons (even before BF shot itself in the continuity foot, with the Older Nyssa arc). Rob takes the whole thing personally. And as we talked about her BF audios, it’s possible, that’s why he left the group.

    Always glad to help.

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