‘Resisting the Aggressor Down the Ages’ (TV)

 Dad's Army


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This is one of the ‘Christmas Night with the Stars’ mini-episodes of ‘Dad’s Army’. I liked this one. It has the ‘Dad’s Army’ characters dressing up and getting to perform a pageant for the ‘War Weapons Week’. I enjoyed seeing the ‘Dad’s Army’ characters dressing up as historical figures of many periods.

Captain Mainwaring dresses up as John Bull whilst Wilson dresses up as Napoleon. Mainwaring is unimpressed when Wilson can’t speak with a French accent. He persuades him to sound like Charles Boyer. It was amusing when Wilson said “Come with me to the casbah” before and during rehearsal.

It was equally funny when Jonesy dressed up as the Spirit of Agriculture, looking like a farmer with a smelly haystack. Jonesy gets the smelly haystack into Mainwaring and Walker’s faces. It was funny when Jones banged the gong a lot. Walker meanwhile dresses up as the Spirit of Commerce in this. 🙂

Also in the pageant, Godfrey dresses up as Julius Caesar. Mainwaring is unimpressed by Godfrey’s performance, despite him trying to sound intellectual. Frazer meanwhile dresses up as William the Conqueror and is quite ferocious. Pike also dresses as King Philip of Spain. Mainwaring finds him silly.

‘Resisting the Aggressor Down the Ages’ is a wonderful little Christmas episode featuring the ‘Dad’s Army’ team. I enjoy watching it again and again and seeing how funny the pageant gets played out. Bill Pertwee guest stars as Chief Warden Hodges in this as well as Robert Aldous as the German Pilot.

‘Resisting the Aggressor Down the Ages’ (TV) rating – 10/10

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